What’s In a Name?

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If you ever what to know if people can find you on the internet just do a google search.  I do that periodically just to see how far I’ve spread.  I get Google Alerts, but so far they have all referred to my sites.  It’s easy to find me if you type in my full name.  There are about eight pages…so far.  Some listings are duplications, or a different one for each page of a site, like my main website.

I have at least one book in an Australian and Canadian e-bookstore, and a couple in the UK.  Don’t see any in non-English speaking countries yet.

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I have a couple of books on ebay now.  One says used, but I have no record of extreme sales, so it must be a friend or family member.  They’re pretty much all across the country, but no one admitted to being the person when asked.

I’ve tried to get my author name posted on all the social media sites, but I’ve found more.  Everyone wants to be as successful as FB, Twitter and Google.  The rush is to beat the regulations regarding privacy.  There ain’t much there, privacy that is.  LinkedIn is doing okay because it’s resume‘ and job search oriented.  Wished I’d known that when I was seriously job hunting.  But then, again, I may not have published.  It takes a lot of time and work, mostly sitting all day, sorta like a congressman when in session, working on media sites nobody wants to go to.  I’m beginning to think I’m writing books nobody wants to read.

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I’ve had problems with Facebook, so my old author page shows up, but it has incorrect info and is inactive.  They kept putting my personal stuff on my author page and my author stuff on my personal page without asking permission or giving me the option.  I gave up and changed my personal site to my author page, keeping all my contacts, but getting new ones is now a problem.  I’m no longer listed as Judith Victoria Douglas Author except on my Timeline page, but jvd, as I am here and my Tumblr blog.

Keeping sites I have straight is difficult enough if they have a “name” like Goodreads or Facebook, but when it’s one of my name sites it’s worse.  I won’t even begin with the password mania.  I keep an address book, but it’s not just for mailing address anymore.

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I have two websites with the same name — judithvictoriadouglas.  I can only keep them straight because one is dot net and the other dot com.

Now I have two blogs (three if you count the one on Goodreads), but the names had to be different from the websites so jvdbooks and booksbyjudithvictoriadouglas (I shortened  it on this title page).  The first is Tumblr — a site for quick reviews without long writings unless it’s reblogged from something I think is important and then not too long — and WordPress,this site, where I write down my thoughts. I recently added NetworkedBlogs to this one to see if it will spread wider and further.

So, what’s in a name?

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No one can find me on Facebook.  And few have found my blogs.  If anyone wants to do a Google search and look over all eight pages they will find them, but on the last pages.  I don’t know anyone who wants to find me that badly.

Since these notes come up in the Google search I’m hoping it will help spread the word.

Judith Victoria Douglas, judithvictoriadouglas, jvd, jvdbooks and booksbyjudithvictoriadouglas, or booksbyjudith are all the same person.  One of these names, or some portion thereof, should find me on every site I’m registered. I’m still looking into new sites, so be patient if you haven’t found me on your favorite site.  In fact, let me know of it in case I haven’t found it yet.

You can email me at books@judithvictoriadouglas.com if you’re still at a lost, desperate to find me, or just want to be added to my mailing list.  I send out a notice when a book is published, or a new site is available, but I don’t feel it’s getting the response I need and deserve.  Besides word-of-mouth, email is supposed to be the best.  You wouldn’t know it by my responses.  I send to at least 45-50 people, friends and family mostly, some acquaintances.  I might get one or two replies they saw the site and liked it, but only one or two might  follow.  The one person who said I needed a blog based on the long emails I used to send hasn’t followed, so a long email for her, I guess.

That’s what’s in a name…my author name, that is, for what it’s worth.

Hope to have more visitors, so tell your friends.  Check out my other sites.  I don’t talk (write) much there.  Join Goodreads to find a good book to read and my blog there, though it won’t get much attention since I have this one. I can send these blog posts there, you see, eliminating writing twice.

And make a comment.  Say ‘hello’ so I know you’re there.  Register to follow so you’ll get an email notice when a new posting is made.  They won’t all be like this one, which you already know if you’ve read all the ones posted before this one.

To Read

If you’re an author of a comment your supposed to show up in that block, but it hasn’t work yet.  And a picture, please.  Don’t be shy.  I don’t mind looking at your dog or cat or bicycle or potted plant, but that squiggly thing is just irritating to look at.      You have gone so public already just being on the internet that a cute picture won’t expose you.  If you find the 666 on your forehead, on your credit card or anywhere identifiable, let us all know.  This branding is what’s going on here, so each of us can be found…not so we can find each other.  Otherwise, it would work better for the later and most desired purpose.

So, see ya soon, and hope to hear more from you.


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One thought on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Ann Submitted on 2012/10/21 at 7:08 pm, but for some reason it didn’t take (maybe the site was down) so I’m approving and adding it:

    Judith, I understand your frustration. I’ve contacted FB several times trying to get them to merge my book page with my author page and can never get a response. It makes me crazy. I made my book page inactive because of it. Of course, on my author page, because I have a book page, I can’t get any “likes”. I agree. It is a bunch of hooey. ~Ann

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