World Community in Flux

Collection of poems (divan), King Solomon with...

Collection of poems (divan), King Solomon with his magic seal (signet) and a demon, Walters Art Museum Ms. W.637, fol. 50a (Photo credit: Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts)

Multiracial Hands Making a Circle

The whole world is becoming one community, as it should, but few are accepting it at this critical turning point in our short history.

I have a friend whose children attend a wonderful school where the different religions are equally included in the coming holiday celebrations.  The children are learning so much.  It’s so unfortunate there aren’t more situations like this.  At least the next generation could then be more tolerant, just as my children grew more accepting of other races when going to school in a military town, with some children being of mixed race or having a foreign parent.

English: large wooden Santa Claus and "no...

And I don’t think the idea of Santa Claus is so bad either, but even that icon should fade.  It could become a Holiday of Remembrance of our Good Will towards all, all year long, a time of gift giving and celebration at the Winter Solstice‘s end of the year where the rebirth of a New Year really means something more than just a date on a calendar.  Christians have and will rail against this until a religious war erupts on our own continent. But I think something will eventually happen, something BIG, which will open eyes…maybe even the third eye of inner knowing – insight and awareness.

To illustrate I’ll start by telling you about a favorite Science Digest magazine cover from about the mid-1980s. It’s still a favorite image I’ll never forget.  It had the staggered profiles of the three major races (forgetting the real fourth) then the fourth profile in front which had features of all the others.  That fourth was the most beautiful.  The only-slight strangeness of that profile has always been how I see the human race of the future.

We must come out of our childhood as part of the good guys on the positive side to join any others with like thoughts in the universe.  We’re at that threshold and the fear deeply instilled by different traditions is dangerous.  So dangerous it could be our undoing.  This is especially true for those who won’t consider any but their own ideas and beliefs as true and fact. That is so narcissistic for any society, to think it so because you say it’s so.  Without a change in attitudes many won’t be ready when faced with any leap in our evolutionary process that may come.


Now, think about this.  Each culture, in its massive population growth, has got to be reaching a DNA stagnation point where the other races are necessary for the diversity necessary for the human race to survive. We are all related, separated by distance at first, keeping to our own gene pools, but it’s changing fast.  The results of world wide transportation has changed it, but it’s only becoming evident now.

Mixed marriages with resulting children is helping with both issues, racial and cultural, which includes religious and political.  It’s a growing phenomenon I first noticed living around the military with such a widely diverse cultural/racial groups. It’s also more evident on college campuses than it used to be.  As the demographics of my current, somewhat isolated, area change I see it unfolding before me.  In one more generation I think the attitudes will be so changed the grandparents and great grandparents of today would not recognize this world as their own if they could step back in and see it.

I’ve always thought it sad, the necessity of military to defend against each other, but from what I’ve pointed out above, I can see everything has its purpose. And, eventually, a world peacekeeping force, as envisioned in Star Trek, might be necessary to defend against any evil intent from off world.

The real impact  of finding we are not alone in the universe will shock too many, fear is still too rampant.  If we were faced with that today I don’t think it’d be the good guys.  The good guys would know we aren’t ready.  But it might be another necessary step for us to face some evil intent from outside ourselves to band together, forget our differences and disagreements, to become ready for that next giant step for mankind.


Constantine (Photo credit: Silver Bromide)

The falsehoods begun by Roman Emperor Constantine in an attempt to draw many with differing beliefs together, with Paul’s help to perpetuate it as The religion, was all political, and certainly never the intent of the one person it has been based on.  I truly don’t think he would approve of a religion in his name.

As a political foundation many jumped on board to make their gold coins by keeping the minions believing and ignorant…and poor.  The very same thing happened later with another group now on the other side of the world from us, where the knowledge carried from a lost advanced civilization through its remnants to us was thwarted.  No doubt much more than we’ll ever realize was lost.

If it weren’t for Martin Luther giving the words to the people to decide for themselves there would have never been a Protesting Sect much less the many now evident and vocal.  We need another protesting sect, and in a way, it exists already.  The Scientific Community has all but said it has proved there is no individual decisive godhead to put faith in.  It is the universe itself which governs, and that is a much bigger “creator” than the Santa images of a god perpetuated in archaic ignorance.

Dr. Martin Luther's Church Door - Wittenburg, ...

Dr. Martin Luther’s Church Door – Wittenberg, Germany

It’s easy for the poor to say the rich have no problems, just as it’s easy for the ignorant to say those with more knowledge lose their faith.  How absurd, and proof of the determination that ignorance is right to prevail. When the poor become rich they squander it because they have only a fantasy of endless funds.  When the ignorant gain knowledge they either deny what they’ve learned (with fear the root), keeping their hearts and minds closed, or have their eyes and hearts suddenly opened.  There is no greater advocate than a convert who finally sees and no greater adversary than a zealot who refuses to.  So goes our world at this critical turning point in our history.  What an amazing thing to witness.

Knowledge will make you free

Visit beyond what you’ve been told. Open your mind, without fear a new thought might conquer you. That’s mind control at its most insidious. Visit the arcane – the Pistis Sophis and others it will lead you to.  You might find the evil god you’ve been taught about is actually the one you call good and worship.  That’s how mind control works.  That’s how far off the mark your are?  If you believe killing for any so-called justifiable reason is okay, especially basing on something written in a “holy” book, could it really come from a god who loves you?  Think about these things, people.

Did you know that the real Book of Solomon was a book of magic?  In it he writes of conjuring spells and drawing up demons.  Even Harry Potter didn’t draw up demons.  What knowledge do you really have of any of the sources of your religious fervor?  Do you realize our state of affairs in the world would not be so dire if not for the religious conflicts perpetuated by those in political power for either a religious or their own purpose? Is any more proof needed for the wisdom of separation of church and state?

It’s long since stopped being a disagreement between brothers and become a greater virus spreading among too many. Is there a coming civil war? Do you really want that? Do you know there are even Christians who say killing is okay?  If many are called, but few are chose, which group do you want to be in, anyway?

Whatever happens in the next three to five years could set our future’s course.  I hope I don’t have to fear for the innocences alive today.  I hope all the positive outcomes survive the turmoil I expect to witness.  I’ve already felt it within my own family.  Change is hard.  Fear is deep, backed by convictions so ingrained as to be believed as real and true.  Folks, they’re not.  But don’t believe me.  Look it all up for yourselves, like I did.  And hurry.  You may not have many years to  procrastinate if your very thoughts can perpetuate a different outcome than the present path we are on.

Now, I’m not saying you have to give up your religious connections, but work within them.  There are already  many in the churches professing the changes I’m talking about.  The institutions will probably change faster, because of the insight of select leaders, than the followers who have thought nothing new in a long time.  The Dalai Lama has spoken of this unity and these words for many years.  His is the only religions without a Santa in the sky god.  Look for these wise ones, listen to them and follow them if you find you can.  Study Plato’s teachings and ethics, which supersedes religious dogma.  The betterment of our world situation is in our hands…your hands.  It always has been.

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8 thoughts on “World Community in Flux

  1. You’ve tackled a very big topic here. Well done! I look forward to reading more.

    • I don’t know if this subject will come up with me again. I write as something occurs that spurs me on and I can no long keep quiet. I would always love to hear another’s responses, so it if have a comment about something said here, please share. It may spur me on again.

  2. Interesting post! And I believe more and more people are coming together, but it needs to be at a quicker pace. There is such a higher goal in life, and all humans should work together for the mutual benefit of all of humanity. I hope people can find their way to peace, tolerance and cooperation before they really have a serious problem from outside. Take care!

    • I wish it could be quicker, also. I think I’ve started “speaking out” with my controversial thoughts because I want to speed it along. I fear Ayn Rand predictions in Atlas Shrugged are not only coming true at present, but will continue to fulfill her prophecy even though her aim was to stop it. It’s happening all around us and still few change. I just came across a posting on my tumblr I will repost to my FB: “There is no economy on a dead planet.” That says it all. I’ve only heard, so far, one person say that the U.S., among all the economies now failing, will bounce back better. I’ve thought so, but can hope that’s right. I may live to see the failings, but I may not live to see a restoration. I’d like to leap into the future and not see any of the struggles at all, but being part of it is part of the developmental plan. Can’t have somethin’ for nothhin’. There’s always a price that has to be paid: two coins for the boatman.

  3. thank you for referencing my dalai lama post! an inspiring encounter for sure! peace!!!!!!

    • I have a special spot in my heart for that good man. Just looking at a picture of him affects me. He is very wise, but I’m sure his wisdom has come, like most, with much heartache. Yet he still smiles willingly sharing a joy few can comprehend. I enjoyed your encounter vicariously. Thank you for the great article of your experience.

  4. You have so much to say, Judith, and it appears to be deep in pedagogy. There are some words you say with which I can agree and find common ground, but there is much you cover with which I find somewhat disquieting and outside my perceptive scheme of things. It is okay to share our views. My views differ quite significantly with yours, and, at this point, I would simply say, ‘let’s agree to disagree.’ You are rather didactic in cramming too much into your posts for easy responses, and I have neither the time nor inclination to debate some of your themes other than to say, we each share freedom of expression.

    My suggestion for you would perhaps be: shorter, more topical posts. It’s my feeling that most bloggers do not mind at all expanding and opening their minds. What you have expressed in “World Community in Flux” would likely require for most a few semesters of graduate study to adequately respond. It is a big set of issues you bring up…

    Relax and let happen what destiny has in store.

    Hope your holiday season brings you some happiness and joy, Judith. That is my wish.

    Billy Ray

    • Billy Ray,
      I get so few readers I always feel I’m writing for myself. If I have something on my mind and I keep running into ignorance about the subject I will finally say something. In this case, while I seem to be surrounded by ignorance, I have also seen a lot of intelligence and agreement on these issues out in the world. It’s time has come. The 5% who think need to shake up the 10% who think they do, and wake up the other 85% who’d rather die than think.
      I haven’t had a blog for long and I’ve already grown tired of it. I’m not inclined to share so much normally and probably won’t very often. I’m not looking for agreement. But I would love to have someone to respond in such a way we could continue a discussion. I’ve learned not to be too disappointed when that doesn’t happen. Not many, as you, are so inclined. If it can make one person really think about something differently, then that would be a fine accomplishment.
      I wrote part one of a novel that warns of so much, but no one’s interested so the next two parts may never be published. Since I’m the publisher I’ll decide.
      I used to write long emails. I don’t do that any more.
      I have a master’s degree; a high superior IQ; and a lot of opinions I have let go unsaid for over sixty years. No one cares. The world is still too full of empty vessels. I am surprised Ayn Rands’ Atlas Shrugged continues to sell so well. She never got the respect in her lifetime, but what she wrote is coming true now. That’s because so many have done what you suggest when it could have been averted — let it happen. It’s not destiny if it could’ve been changed.
      I know society is not yet set up for a person like me. But to have so many read Rand’s book will open eyes. And someday there will be no religion and more awareness. Someday the world, if we don’t destroy ourselves, will be different and everyone will be happier when it exists. There will be no more conflict. But agreeing to disagree may always be something friends can share.
      Thanks for your response and enjoy your paradise. It’s making good memories. I envision sparkling white lights in a palm tree.

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