One Thing I’ve Learned from Self-Publishing

Mark Boulton - Font Embedding & Typography

Mark Boulton – Font Embedding & Typography (Photo credit: vectorfunk)

I can’t speak of all available self-publishing sources simply because I’m not interested in knowing them all.  I have been very satisfied with the one I chose, for the most part.  There have been little glitches I’ve had to overcome, but it often works out.

My biggest problem is my iMac doesn’t have the capability to embed fonts.  Who knew?

Since it’s a necessary procedure it has created a problem.  I have to put my work on my little netbook to embed the fonts.  Easy, right?  Oops, different font used on iMac and not available on pc.  Well, the change made by the publisher’s internal reviewer was acceptable so I left it.

Font crime

Ah, not so fast.  If something can glitch, it will.

Not everything comes through on the interior reviewer as I find, once again, the font is changed.  Not acceptable this time.  Query sent.  Will the embedded font print or the font shown on the reviewer?  Simple question, you’d think.  Only needs a simple straight answer. But, alas, it’s not to be.  A long rhetoric on the process did not include the semblance of a yes or no, or it will print the….

This time I answered their question: Did I answer your question?  For the umpteenth time…no.  Got great information, as always, most already known, but no answer.  On my own again to figure it out.

My only recourse is to order the proof to see which font is printed.  If it’s the one I accepted (which was not the one I wanted) then it’s okay.  Next step, publish it.  This will only take about a week…on hold…waiting.  This will be the second proof.  The first involved corrections on the illustrations, a different issue I’ll present later.

The Passage of Time

If it’s not the font I wanted, then I have to find a font common to both computers, hopefully not just Times New Roman.  It’s a small child’s book.  Once the font is changed and all the spacing corrected, especially around the illustrations, it’s once again embedded I have to go through the process again — upload, review the interior and the publisher’s review.  Then order yet another proof to see how it all looks.

This started out as a simple story for a four year old with a theme I thought about before she was born.  Yes, if wishes were ponies I’d have a herd I couldn’t manage.

English: The logo for Apple Computer, now Appl...

I love my iMac, and I’m glad the Word 2011 on it is comparable with the Word 2010 on my little pc.  It makes it easier, except for the embedding thing.  My only other recourse is to save the manuscript as a PDF before uploading for my review.  From what I understand of the extraneous convoluted explanations received in my query responses, it’s still no guarantee the font I want can be read, and thus printed.

I’m worried about my prequel to my trilogy.  It has a lot of different fonts in it due to the calligraphy nature of the main character’s work.  It’s set way in the past and was suggested by a well respected reader of the first few chapters.  Good, thanks, that’s what I wanted to do.  Glad to have someone else feel the same way.  It fits the story, but I only hope it prints that way…the first attempt…please.

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3 thoughts on “One Thing I’ve Learned from Self-Publishing

  1. Woe is me? Waiting for my new iMAC to get upgrade. Your news is scary. Let us know how it works out.

    • Judith

      I received the review comment back this morning. There were fonts on several pages of their PDF copy still only showing as squares. I made a PDF copy myself and had no little boxes, so tried to upload my PDF.
      My internet connection is very slow at this time so I will try again later. In the meantime I will look for common fonts between my PC and iMac, but think Comic Sans is the only one close enough to what I had to be appropriate for a small child’s book.
      I’m learned not to mix my iMac and PC works. Everything started on my PC will have to be finished on my PC. The problem with that is my netbook is now over two years old and that’s usually their life limit. And its screen is about the size of a business envelope, almost. I love my iMac’s huge screen.
      Once I start a work on my iMac I will save it as a PDF and see if it bypasses the embedding need. If not I’ll be looking into the community discussion on the publisher’s site and try to find out what others have done.
      With all the iMac has to offer you’d like the Word program written for it would have an embed option. I’m still amazed it doesn’t. It really doesn’t make sense.
      I’ll keep you up-to-date.
      Thanks for the comment,

  2. Judith

    This was posted on my tumblr site by someone I follow. It says a lot about the situation today.

    “The future of writing in America—or, at least, the future of making a living by writing—seems in doubt as rarely before. Thanks to the Internet, the disproportion between writerly supply and demand, always tricky, has tipped: anyone can write, and everyone does, and beginners are expected to be the last pure philanthropists, giving it all away for the naches. It has never been easier to be a writer; and it has never been harder to be a professional writer. The strange anatomy of the new literary manners has yet to be anatomized: the vast schools of tweets feeding on the giant whales of a few big books, the literary ecology of the very big, the very small, and the sudden vertiginous whoosh; the blog that becomes a book; the writer torn to pieces by his former Internet fans, which makes one the other.”

    Adam Gopnik | New Yorker

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