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   I wrote this Fan Fiction after I watched the last episode of Stargate: Universe from Netflix (I don’t have a TV connection) in 2011.  I’m not a professional, or even proficient, screenplay writer, but the basics are here, I think.

Like many I thought SG:U was one of the best Sci-Fi TV shows ever made, more realistic than most.  I didn’t think the finale did it justice or served anything but as a carrot for fans hoping for a follow-up or final movie, or a later continuation of the series.  Last I read there would never be any such plans.  As I wrote on one of the fan sites at the time (and have seen mentioned elsewhere since) I think it will follow the path of the original Star Trek.  Maybe someday it will be remade, even better, as with ST and Battlestar Galactica.

I would never waste my time trying to sell this screenplay to those who have no plans for its future, but felt if others needed an ending like I did maybe they would enjoy this.  I would love to hear what you think and if you have any additions or changes.  I tried to stay true to the story line and the characters, but as we all know, each of us sees a thing differently so interpret it as fits your view.

This is only the beginning, so I will post the next acts in subsequent postings.  It isn’t finished so anything you want to add, or anything mentioned that needs to be followed through with, please feel free to add after my last posting.  Let’s make this a fan finale.

I haven’t posted anything in a while so I thought I’d share this.  Continue to share it if you like it (giving me credit as author, please), and, if you’re so inclined, I’d love to see a GOOD youtube fan-made video, free for everyone.  Just don’t forget me in the credits.  And definitely send me the connection so I can watch it and pass it on.  Enjoy!

 To Give Back

(tentative title, but in Ancient, if I knew it)

Dedicated to all Stargate: Universe fans.


SCENE:  Destiny glides silently through space surrounded by the aurora of her FTL drive flickering and flowing around her. She is filled with sleeping souls on a journey far out into the universe.  Only her last guardian remains watchful.

Her path follows connecting galaxy clusters through the ethereal ocean of dark matter.  She is far from home, and yet far from the light guiding her to her end, beyond the once known universe.

Silent tentacles of light surrounding her create an energy-envelope.  Her passing reveals all her dark windows, attached shuttle, and closed bay doors.  From within this vortex of light, passing over the empty observation deck to the command center window, a small figure can be seen.  Her passing captures the last vestiges, then a rear view, revealing all her thrusters burning as she grows gradually smaller with distance.  Glowing turrets close the envelope behind her, leaving a quickly cooling hot trail.  It’s the only evidence of her passing as the FTL cocoon leaves little wake in space maintaining her invisibility to those beyond its visual understanding.

SCENE:  Inside Destiny appears empty of life:  The observation deck can be seen from a doorway.  The window displays the cocoon of the FTL effects.  A silhouette of Eli leans on the rail looking out.

SCENE:  Front view of Eli standing with one foot resting on the bottom rail, his jacket open revealing his t-shirt as he stares out at the path before him.  His disturbed look slowly turns to a smile and he quickly raises and lowers his eyebrows before his pensive expression returns.  After gazing out for several minutes he slowly turns and walks out.


Act I

VOICE-OVER of Ginn’s voice

GINN:  Eli, it’s time to wake up.

SCENE:  DISSOLVES IN:  Eli’s sleeping upper half, shrouded in a blue light, his face turned to the side, away from the camera.

CLOSE-UP of Eli’s sleeping face (only forehead, eyes and nose) shrouded in a blue light.

Eli flutters his eyelids not wanting to open his eyes.

SCENE: MORPH from this Eli to one in the past lying in his bed at home hearing his mother’s voice calling to him to wake up, morphing further to him as he last appeared on Destiny lying in his bunk in his quarters hearing Ginn’s voice, to him sleeping in The Chair, present day, still hearing Ginn’s voice.

The bluish light on his face goes out.  He yawns and scratches his bearded cheek before opening his eyes, then shakes his head to wake up.  He has a somewhat long beard, and appears somehow changed—a little older, more mature, and a little thinner, more robust.  His hair is long in the back, the rest shows it has previously been roughly cut, but is now growing out.

Ginn:  Appears before Eli standing next to the Chair:  Good morning, Eli.  The ship has come out of FTL.  It’s time to go to work.

Eli:  Okay, Ginn.  Here we go.  How many times have we done this?  He slowly climbs out of the Chair.

Ginn:  One hundred and fifty-three times.

Eli:  But who’s counting…right?

Ginn:  Smiles, then dissolves.

SCENE:  Eli entering the Command Central’s Bridge.  He’s clean-shaven, his hair wacked off in the back, the rest roughly trimmed.  He checks each console.   He locates two planets with Stargates, pointing at each as he humphs to himself.

Kauffman appears.

Kauffman:  You might want to check the Ancient’s directives on the end of mission plan.

Eli:  I’ll put it on my list.  I have to get food and water first.

Kauffman disappears.

Ginn appears.

Eli looks at her.

Eli:  I found two planets, but only one has vegetation.

Ginn:  Great, you can eat soon.

Eli smirks, nods and turns to leave.

Ginn dissolves.

SCENE:  Stargate room

Eli sends out a kino so he can scan for something edible.

Ginn appears.

Eli looks up from his scanner to speak to her.

Eli:  Just looking for food and water.  Hey…looking down at the scanner…I think I found some.

SCENE:  Stasis Hall

Eli wakes the three he needs to collect supplies.  As they step out of the pods he greets them, smiling.

Eli:  Good morning.

Scott:  Not again, Eli.  I just went to sleep.

Eli:  Yeah, about 3 months ago.

Greer:  Has it been that long?  No wonder I’m hungry.

Eli:  Come on.  You know the drill.

Scott:  Right.

Corporeal Vanessa James:  Do I have time for a shower this time?

Eli:  No.  Sorry.  We’re too low on water.

Scott stops a minute to look at Chloe.

Greer:  Come on, Lieutenant.  No more dreaming.  You’re awake now.

James:  And you want to go back to sleep, don’t you?  Let’s go.

SCENE:  Mess hall, they’re all eating.

Scott:  Is it going to be like the last several times, Eli?

Eli:  Yelp.  And this is the last…he indicates what they’re eating…so you better bring back a lot if you don’t want me waking you up so often.

Greer:  You’re looking a bit thinner there, my boy.  I guess we better find you something good and cook it up for you, too.  He chuckles.

Scott, staring at Eli:  Now that I’m awake, you looking a bit older, too, Eli.

Greer:  Naw, that’s more mature.  Greer laughs.  It comes with re-spon-si-bil-ity.

Eli:  I’ve been awakened more often than you have.  It’s been a long old journey.  It’s a good thing we were able to recharge after that first stop or we’d be drifting now.

Scott:  That wouldn’t be good.

Greer:  But we could sleep longer.

Eli:  Yeah.  Maybe forever.

James:  How far have we come?

Eli:  We’ve passed through seven more galaxies since last time you asked, without finding a single stargate planet with enough supplies to warrant waking the crew…or even waking you guys.   That’s been, wow, several galaxy clusters we’ve been through.  We’re about to leave this cluster, so I have to make sure we don’t enter the void, but stay within the cosmic web to the next cluster.  There should be a few small galaxies along the way, but chances are Destiny won’t stop again until we reach a galaxy in the next cluster with a stargate and a good planet for us.

James:  What’ll happen if we leave the cosmic web?

Eli shrugs his shoulders, adding:  And I don’t want to find out.  It’s a lo-on-ng way with nothing.

SCENE:  Stasis Hall

Eli:  Thanks for all the grub, guys.  That was a good haul this time.

Greer:  Yeah.  Next time you wake us, I hope it’s with others to pack up more to bring all of it back so we can fill up this crate.

Eli, smiling:  Me, too.

The stasis pod doors slide shut and the occupants change, as if frozen.

Eli turns to walk out.

SCENE: Parts of the empty ship are shown as Eli strolls through.

SCENE:  Eli joins Ginn on the observation deck.

Ginn:  How’d you do?

Eli:  Great, got a lot more this time.

Eli puts his arm around her shoulders and pulls her close.

Eli:  I love that you let me do this with this program.  I was hoping in the beginning, after I couldn’t fix the pod, well…if I died, I wouldn’t know-looks at her, but become part of this with you. He smiles affectionately at her.  It was great that you and Mandy could create that field to keep me alive.  And I’m aging at a much slower rate than normal, even without being in a pod, which is also great.

Ginn:  Yeah, it’s been wonderful, but all this won’t last, Eli.

Eli:  I know, but it’s great while it does.  We’ll have these memories, and we’ll still be able to talk and see each other.  That’s better than nothing.  Just remember, always, I love you.  And I feel so grateful for this life, and this chance to be with you.  It’s been so amazing.

Ginn:  No one else is having this opportunity, just you…and me.

Eli:  I can’t think of a better way to monitor the ship.

He kisses her, and she responds.

Mandy, clearing her throat:  I thought you’d like to know those in stasis are fine, all the ship’s nonessential power has been returned off, with only the units running that will keep your food fresh, Ely.  I’ll continue to monitor you in the Chair Room, and have Ginn wake you if there’s a problem, or at our next stop.

Eli:  Thanks, Mandy.  You’ve been a big help.  I’m sorry I couldn’t allow Rush…

Mandy:  No problem.  Neither of us is aging, so there’s always hope for the future.  You are aging, however.  I could check that stasis pod again.  You might want to use it to stop that for a while.  Ginn will be like a child to you if you continue like this through the whole mission.

Eli:  You’re right.  Get all the specs and where the materials are, so next time we come out of FTL I can actually work on it, since I probably won’t find any new sources of food or water.

Mandy:  Will do.  She turns and walks out.

Ginn takes him by the hand.

Ginn:  Time to go.  Smiling, she softly giggles.

Eli:  He smiles.  Thought you’d never ask.

To Be Continued

Disclaimer:  I do not own the title of the series or any of the characters, other than those created herein which have not appeared in any of the series. The story is meant for entertainment, psychological/emotional closure for fans, and possibly education of non-fans as readers.  I do not wish to make any money from this publication.  I originally wrote it for my own enjoyment and am only sharing with other fans and readers who might become fans.  I do not mind if others might want to use some of the ideas for further non-profit works.  If there is any issue with this from any verifiable owner I will remove it.

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