SG:U Act III (unfinished)

A head-on view of the Earth Stargate.


SCENE: Command Central

Sgt. Graham calls on com:  Colonel?

Colonel:  Go ahead.

Graham:  Colonel, we searched the whole deck.  There’s no one here.  Ms. Parker said the heat signature is also gone.

Colonel:  Well, heat signatures don’t lie, so check the deck again, and the ones above and below until you get back here.  Look close for something hidden, like a stasis pod.  Let me know what you find.  If our visitor re-entered stasis stand guard until I’m back from the planet.  If you find someone, put him in the staff conference room until I return and stand guard.  And you might get Lisa to try to make some friendly enquiries, get it a glass of water or something.

Graham:  I got you, Colonel.  Will do, sir.

SCENE:  On the planet surface, at shuttle bay ramp with trees in the background:

Scott draws his team in to get a report.

Greer:  Nothing, sir.  It looks like Earth, except for some of the animals.  I suggest we still continue with caution since we haven’t seen anyone…yet.

Scott:  Okay, let’s move out.  Hey, Vanessa, Eli said you spoke with Matthew.  How’d that go?

Vanessa:  Great.  He wanted to know all about you and of course I told him what a scoundrel you are.

Scott:  No.  You didn’t…

Vanessa laughs:  No.  I didn’t, but…

Conversation fades out as they walk away.

SCENE:  On Destiny at Shuttle bay, several boarding to investigate the planet—Eli, Volker, two soldiers, TJ, the Colonel as pilot and Varro as co-pilot.

Colonel:  Okay, I want everyone to be on alert.  I know you’re excited, (he looks at Volker) but we don’t really know what to expect.  He turns to Varro.  I want you to tell me if you see anything you’ve seen somewhere before.

Varro:  I understand.  I hope it’s all as new to me as it is to you.

Colonel:  Me, too.  (Clicks on com) Ready, Parker?

SCENE: Rush taking his position in Command Central along with Brody and Lisa.  Each looks over their console.

Lisa:  Coming in clear, Colonel.

Rush:  You’re clear for departure, Colonel Young.  I’m getting some good pictures from Scott’s team.  I’ll expect some from yours soon.

Brody:  I’ll monitor the incoming information on Scott’s team, Rush, if you want to monitor the Colonel’s team.

Rush, nods to Brody, adding:  Try to determine the location of the Stargate and let them know.  That should be one of their major investigation sites.

Brody:  Will do.

SCENE:  The shuttle becomes visible through the viewport (window) as it crosses over the deck of the ship, pointed toward the planet.

Lisa:  Got a visual on your new shuttle, Colonel…looking good.

Rush, turning to Lisa:  Parker, can you decipher that Ancient message we received when they boarded?

Lisa:  I’ll do my best, but it could take a while.

Brody:  I still can’t figure out how Eli could sleep in the Chair and not age more than he did.

Rush:  He did age.  It just doesn’t show on him like it would on one of us…yes, especially me.

Lisa tries to stifle an outburst of laughter.

Rush:  Was it really that funny?

Brody:  Bursts out laughing, releasing Lisa’s restraint.

Rush:  Okay, okay.  I surrender.  I’m officially the geezer here.

Brody and Lisa look at one another, then at Rush.

Rush: What?

Brody:  What did you dream of, Doctor?

Rush:  I don’t remember my dreams.  And Mandy and I did not connect during the time Eli and Ginn spent time together.

Mandy appears to Rush, and only he can see her:  But maybe soon?  She makes a cute face, then disappears.

Rush smiles, as if to himself.

SCENE:  Colonel landing the shuttle and everyone disembarking.

Eli:  I’ll remember where we parked, so let’s go.

Colonel:  Eli!

Eli stops his steps toward an interesting building: Yes?

Colonel:  You’re not the man in charge any more.

Eli:  Oh, right.

Colonel on com unit:  Scott, do you read?

Scott:  Yes, sir, loud and clear.

Colonel:  Where are you located?

Scott:  We didn’t find anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in that group of farms and houses, so we’ve moved on to the location Brody gave us for the Stargate.  We’re closing in on that building now, sir.

The Colonel gives Scott his team’s position, near a group of tall buildings resembling those on (Atlantis and) other Ancients’ sites.

Scott: We’re not that far apart, sir.

Colonel:  Good.  Report back as soon as you know if the Stargate’s in working order.

Scott:  Yes, sir.

The Colonel’s team moves out at his command.

SCENE:  Scott’s team near the rear of a large domed building: connected to a taller building.

James spots some movement near the building.  They check it out in a typical cautious soldier style approach—moving from behind objects as cover to the cover of the next, communicating with hand signals.  Once they enter the building they’re “greeted” by a variety of robots and human-like androids.  Neither they, nor the others move.

Scott, carefully contacts the Colonel:  Sir, you must proceed with caution.  We’re surrounded by a group of apparently non-aggressive robots and human-like androids.  They seem to be waiting for something.

SCENE:  Colonel’s team at entry of the tall, formal-looking large building.

Eli:  They may think we’re the ones they’ve been expecting.  Destiny did arrive on time.  Their presence may have interrupted a daily routine.  If they back off and observe it may become clearer.

Volker:  Eli could be right, but what if, upon arrival, some acknowledgement was supposed to be made.

Colonel:  Did you hear that, Rush?

Rush: Yes, Colonel, checking now.

Lisa:  The ship did send down a ping of some sort.  That could’ve been a notice of our arrival.  And it appears we’re receiving an answering ping now, sir.

Colonel:  Okay, investigate that further.  Scott, do as Eli suggested.  So far, everything appears benign.

SCENE:  Command Central

Lisa:  Graham, the heat signature is now in a different part of the ship.  No, ah, it just disappeared.

SCENE:  Graham and two others are near where Lisa reported her momentary sighting.  One of his team sees a blurring movement so they  proceed with caution.

SCENE:  Colonel and his group enter the tall, beautiful building.  They stop when a humanoid cybernetic unit (appearing very human-like) approaches from behind a clear glass wall where several others like it are working alongside various robotic assistants.

Pantu:  Welcome.  I am Pantu.  We have prepared for your arrival.  I hope you find everything satisfactory.  I am a little confused.  While you arrived on the ship we were expecting none of you bears the signature of those who set the course.  May I inquire more about you?

Colonel:  I’m not surprised there is some confusion.

As the Colonel speaks to Pantu the others spread out and investigate the area, not touching anything.

Scene on Destiny:  Graham and two soldiers find a room with a few statis units.  One is in operation with a figure inside.

Graham:  Found the intruder.  It’s in a statis pod in a room that appears to be a miniature control center.

Brody:  Remain on guard until the Colonel returns.

Graham:  Ah, we’re awfully hungry.  Could we get some relief so we can eat something?

Brody:  Oh, ah, sure thing.  I’ll take care of it right away.

SCENE:  The Colonel and his group are lead by Pantu into a large room where the Stargate is located.  They join the other team standing around observing.

Scott, reporting to Colonel: The Stargate appears workable, but it hasn’t been used.  The androids and robots, or maybe “little people,” all appear to be following some routine.

Colonel:  We need to find a main control center (as on Atlantis) and proceed to turn everything on.  Wish we had someone with the Ancient gene here.

Colonel turns to Pantu:  Lead on.  We need to prepare for the crews arrival.

Pantu:  It’s taken care of, Sir.  Feel free to look about, but don’t touch anything until its purpose has been reviewed for whomever is to command it.

Colonel, looking at everyone:  I think we all understand that, Pantu.  Thank you for your welcome and assistance.

Pantu:  Always available to help, sir.  An Ascended Master is awaiting a report.  Follow me.

Colonel, turning to Scott’s team:  Continue to look around, but lower the weapons for now.  Act like tourists.  Ask questions.

Each nods to him and wander off as the Colonel and his team follow Pantu.

Scene: An atrium of unknown purpose; the team looks around in awe as Pantu approaches a console.  Within a circle of pillars a shimmering light appears.  It announces itself by name and as an ascended master.  A discussion follows.

Needs to be continued to complete Act III

Maybe Act IV or just an Epilogue

I’d like some suggestions at this point on how that discussion would go and what it could lead to.

While I have some notes (only) on how the story could continue, I’d rather have some ideas from readers.  I know this may leave you hanging as much as the last show of the series, but you can put in your ideas of whatever you imagine to finish it and an Epilogue.  There could also be an Act IV before the Epilogue.  It’s all up to you.

If I get some good ideas I will finish it my way and you can let me know what you think.

Remember there are still several issues to be resolved.  What exactly do they find on the planet.  Does someone finally review the Ancients’ End of Mission directive?  Do they contact the Ancients who helped them?  Is that after they speak with the one hidden in the statis pod?  Was he actually hiding, and if so, why?  Will Rush be allowed to go on for his investigation or will the answers be found from their studies on the planet?  Is there a roadblock of any kind?  Do they begin to feel relieved and ready to settle when a glitch or threat is found?  Does it have anything to do with the lack of a DNA match?  Is there someone on board who matches by some happenstance?  And, finally, what exactly do they find?  Is there really an immediate answer or will it take the rest of their lives?  What does Lisa find in the rest of the message left on the kino by their boarders?  What does the Ancients’ directive for end of mission state?

There are probably more, and certainly some that will arise with each scenario devised.  I don’t expect you to write it out, just give a general short pitch of  what you image.

For what it’s worth here are my notes – I hope they aren’t a little too much like Battlestar Galactica (abandoned technology-dumb) and Wall-E (used technology, smart):

Once everyone has resettled in the ship, cleaned up and eaten the total of the last food brought on board, Colonel and Camile call a gathering after reporting to Earth, to inform the crew of their situation.

The message tells the story mentioned above, but also…??   Those helpful Ancients had planned to stay on board to reach the mission’s goal, but all the stasis pod were taken, and they didn’t have time to fix the malfuncioning one.  Of those who have survived and worked to rebuild their civilization some have ascended to guide them further.  They hoped to hear of Destiny’s report at the end of her mission.  They apparently thought those in stasis were also ancients, not realizing they were the second-generation evolution, and not yet as advanced as a whole.

It’s decided that Rush can take the ship “into the light,” after everyone has moved to the planet, and they’ve contacted those who helped them and offer to bring them, maybe go back for them.  Rush has to go to the intelligence there, to fulfill his interpretation of Destiny’s mission.  He has to understand even if it kills him.  Eli wants to go, argues that he’s earned it.  Rush says he will have Ginn and Mandy along with him as well.  The Camile insists on going.  She has nothing to lose.

Everyone believes they’ll die and not return as he’s sure they won’t (Mandy tells him, based on info in Ancient in the system), confidently claiming a room or home set up already on the planet as his own.

Eli stays on the planet because he won’t let Rush take Ginn.  He puts Ginn into the shuttle computer so he can at least talk to her, before Rush takes the ship.

They explore and settle into their new and permanent home, finding many things, including some answers about the Ancient’s purpose of Destiny’s mission.  They learn through the Ancients and Pantu and others like him (and her/also females) more about the unexplored parts of Destiny.  Are there clones to be completed, either people or animals, birds, fish?

A year passes. When Rush returns he’s changed.  Camile chose to stay, ascended—she appears to confirm his story since no one ever seems to believe him or listen to what he says.

He tells them the new mission is exactly what has already been figured out by those who stayed on the planet –to study this intelligence, ascend, then become one with it.  If he hadn’t “rushed” away before the Ancient’s site was explored he would’ve known.  They’ve learned a lot of what he knows, but he has “touched” it.

Rush is surprised when Ginn enters the room.  Those on the planet surprised Eli with a real life version of Ginn, putting her into a new body—exactly like her own—with the Ancient’s technology, so they tell Rush he can do the same with Mandy.  But she was too weak, he couldn’t maintain her in the system, but he did help her ascend.  He sees her, but others don’t, except Camile who again confirms.

And what do they call this world?  The name was already chosen by the Ancients, ???  It comes from an Ancient word meaning “to give back.”

Disclaimer:  I do not own the title of the series or any of the characters, other than those created herein which have not appeared in any of the series. The story is meant for entertainment, psychological/emotional closure for fans, and possibly education of non-fans as readers.  I do not wish to make any money from this publication.  I originally wrote it for my own enjoyment and am only sharing with other fans and readers who might become fans.  I do not mind if others might want to use some of the ideas for further non-profit works.  If there is any issue with this from any verifiable owner I will remove it.

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