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DON’T BUY ANY OF MY BOOKS!  Not the novellas, the novels, the children’s books, or the e-book only books.  Why?  Because they must be really, really bad.  How do I know?  The trolls…ah… certain librarians and reviewers on Goodreads say so.

Disregard all the great reviews that have been written in very professional style by those I don’t know, but who have become fans, in praise of the books.  These folks have an agenda.  And it ain’t pretty.

New PfL FrontBookCoverPreview.doThey are maligning A Price for Love/Ariel’s Cottage especially, which has happened before causing me to leave the GRs site.  But they have made a promise, in writing, that there will be a lot of 1-star and no-star reviews.  “Don’t say you haven’t been warned.”  Well, it’s happening.  If they want to hurt you there are no holes barred and no management on any site can help you.  This group, who stick together like snot on tissue, obviously meant it for more than the one book .  The ratings on all my books on Goodreads have now decreased significantly.  Without even checking I can confidently say there are a lot of new 1-star reviews without comments posted.  Well, that’s Goodreads.  It does have this reputation against authors, especially Indie authors.  Too bad the general public doesn’t understand.

I just read a man’s very nice statement to one of their comments in the Goodreads Author Feedback Group discussion Writer’s Circle>REVIEWS.  He said when exchanging reads for a review he opted not to do a review because the book was so bad.  The author was agreeable and welcomed his feedback.  That is a very polite and normal human way to do things.  The responses he got were encouraging him to give bad reviews or the poor public will be duped into buying bad books.  Notwithstanding the fact that authors, especially Indie authors, struggle to sell even one book, this is their ploy to expand their negative behavior.  I hope he doesn’t succumb.

So, what’s a troll?  According the this article, Internet Trolls are Horrible People, they are not only not-nice people, but really dangerous.  To quote: “…the behaviors are intrinsically motivating for sadists…”  Read it for yourself: 

This is an article that addresses the research findings of those who thrill at trolling.  I’m sure there are other articles you can look up.  In fact, try this one –  However, if you want a real picture of their damage check out the site where victims of their abuse report:  You are welcome to report to them on my behalf, if you so choose.  They are very good with confidentiality.

Sadism is the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.  In general use, it’s deliberate cruelty.  Having worked in the psychological field, having a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, I am well acquainted with the other terms used in the article – narcissistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic.  Each category includes very dangerous people.  To help you understand here are the definitions.

Narcissism is the excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.  Psychologists define it as a personality type, a disorder if enough diagnostic traits are revealed.  Its  characterized by a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration.  Also, be aware, this personality disorder is grouped with antisocial and borderline disorders as the most dangerous.  Psychoanalyists have found the individual’s self-centeredness arising from a failure to distinguish the self from external objects, as in very young babies or as a feature of a mental disorder.

Machiavellian, name after Niccolò Machiavelli, refers to a person who is cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one’s career.  I would clarify it as advancing one’s agenda.

Everyone uses the term psychopath at some point in reference to behavior, but few really understand the implications.  Basically, it’s an unstable and aggressive person, but in mental health evaluations the disorder is shown to be chronic, that is, ongoing with abnormal and violent social behavior.

Well, this is more than I planned to say.  I haven’t referred to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual because it really is for professionals only…and maybe professional writers.  It may even be on line if you’re researching for a deviant character or psychological thriller.  Now, back to the topic.

There is no defense against derogatory.  Most of us who have encountered such low life individuals already know this.  However, since  it’s part of their tactics to put you off, hoping avoidance will save you from more abuse, it’s time to act when the abuse doesn’t end.  AndI could use a little  help.  I’m experiencing one of James Kirk’s no-win scenerios.  I, too, am trying not to believe in it.

Like I said in the beginning…don’t buy my books.  Of course, if you are curious enough to want to see for yourself, then by all means, go ahead.  Add an honest review if you like, showing you have actually read the book and can make comments about elements within.  I can tell the difference.  Can’t you?  What I am meaning by the statement, don’t buy, is that purchase isn’t necessary if you want to help.  It’s a very simple gesture I request…in fact, I beg for.

Amazon says that comments can be made about negative reviews.  Fine, that’s an option, but it’s predictable that they will come back with something you’ll have to answer to and you’ll get drawn in.  If a comment for a positive review seems appropriate to you, and you’re brave, give it a try.  If a comment against it follows, I’d advise you to  remain unresponsive, or report it to Amazon.  I know, steam will come out of your ears, but when in a cage of hungry carnivorous creatures, you must be careful.

The biggest help, according to Amazon, (yes, I have communicated to them about this) is to vote Yes on the positive reviews and No on the negative reviews.  Don’t vote more than once because it won’t count anyway.  And it’s considered ballot stuffing.  If you do this the one million drop in this one book’s ranking, A Price for Love (Kindle; Ariel’s Cottage is the book) might return closer to what it was.

Be aware of the number of votes when you check.  In one day the negative review got 8 Yes votes, so they are ahead of the No votes.  In almost two years none of the other reviews have gotten more than 6, and most only 4.  And No votes were obviously added to the positive reviews.

I have a few from another of my sites who added the 5 No votes yesterday, which makes it a total of 13 in one day.  We should all be so lucky to have this everyday…in a more positive way, of course.

If you’re not into doing this sort of thing for anyone, but want to offer encouragement I will approve your comment.  The troll comments, of course, will not be approved.  And I have no doubt this will appear on GRs for them to fan the flames because it posts on my Facebook page.

I’m back to seeing trolls everywhere.  It’s a victim response, but I’ve backed off to think about this.  I have cut-throat abilities with words, but choose not to use them outside of fiction, and rarely there.  However, in light of this, I am seriously considering the characters for another book.  This one I may send to a publisher, one that likes hot topics and controversial situations.  Or, hot situations and controversial topics.  Anyway…  Several titles come to mind – Troll Heaven, The Day of the Trolls, Walk like a Troll, Sing the Troll Song, Being Troll…it could be fun.  And all the characters have such cute names…BubblesintheBath, TinManHardStanding, BacadabusBob, Sexy24-7.  I made these up and hope no real person uses them, but you get the picture.

Thank you for understanding my need for this posting, and I hope there is some help out there.  I don’t want it to turn out like promised reviews that never appear.  Good people need to stick together and support among Indie authors is usually strong.  So, thank you for all your support in advance.  I think I need some ice cream now, chocolate, of course.

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9 thoughts on “New Campaign

  1. This was posted 21 hours ago. It’s basically to inform others and ask for help. It had the highest ranking for viewers yet there is not one comment, or one like among them. Those who have contacted me about this posting have come from other sources – Facebook and STGRB. Now that I’ve reposted on FB and it’s gone to Twitter maybe I will find some support and assistance. But I still wonder about the 688 followers here. I told you first and I feel disappointed and let down in the lack of even one Like. If you wonder why I don’t blog so often, clogging your emails, this is one reason why. I felt it better to write something of importance and leave all the book notices to this blog’s sister page – It’s All About the Books!. I guess I was wrong. You don’t even read it when its important.

  2. thehutchissonauthors

    It’s a shame that comments from small minded, mod-mentality people like that can have such an impact on the livelihood of another person. I guess this is one of those ‘live and learn’ moments, but try not to let it discourage you.

    And the fact that none of your followers commented, even though they viewed the post should be looked upon simply as a lack of being able to find the right words. We writers and authors sometimes take for granted the fact that words come easily to us.

    The only advise is to find a better group, or no group at all. Take all the good reviews you’ve ever received and wave them like a flag. But it’s not a white flag, you’re not surrendering. Wave it like a flag to announce “Here I come! And here comes the best book you’ve ever read!”

    • I was hoping when so many had viewed the posting they may have gone on and checked out the Amazon page and voted No on that review and Yes on the others. It appeared it would be a race to see if the Nos could stay ahead of the Yeses. There is no evidence that anyone except me, and a couple from FB who contacted me did anything to help. I hope the Dementors/Blue Meanies have moved on from me on Amazon, but they are still lurking on GR. I’ve reported all the disappearing book covers, wrongly placed books and think everything is straightened up or being fixed for now. Only a librarian could have done all that damage. Just watching all those who suddenly marked all my books as to-read on Feb 17 & 18 for their one-star rating. Of course that has been reported also, but GR is not famous for doing anything about such things.
      The funny thing, and what may make a difference is something being done, was when I found that 7 were reading a book I only had a cover posted for and hasn’t been published yet. And there were some 1-star ratings as if they had read it. Idiots. I just had the thing deleted so when it came out it wouldn’t already be tainted.
      This is the third time this has happened to me – once on and once before on GR. I had a lot of support the first time and wasn’t the only one. I escaped GR in about a split second when it first occurred there. Because of my previous experience I saw what was coming and no support, so left.
      I’m not leaving this time, but I am following the lead of well-known author this happened to and only watching. I connected my All About the Books blog to the sight, have a comment on my profile that anyone interested can read, and will continue to keep in touch with friends and fans there, maybe pulling contact to personal email, FB or Twitter.
      Thank you for the support and defending all those who remained quiet. I hope they read enough to learn from this. I hate to see it happen to anyone.

  3. SickOfCretins

    There are several author support groups as this is an all too common thing on Goodreads. Some progress has been made but these people need reporting everytime they trash yet another author. In the meantime, don’t engage with them in any way. They are scum.

    • I know not to engage, but I just had to put a comment to the bad review posting because it was so obvious she didn’t read it, but only went through and picked out names, etc. All I said was that it was proof that trolls still existed on GR.
      Thanks for your response and support.

  4. This is good information. Thanks. I’ve RT’d and FB shared. I hope the trolls back off soon.

    • Thanks for the support and sharing. I was hoping to help other avoid this mess. I’m monitoring. GR may be a bust, but Amazon tactics has me worried.

  5. These guys are hideous and in violation of so many laws. They’ll get it…sooner rather than later, I hope. Good for you in standing up to them. They’ve defrauded the entire review process. You’re in the company of hundreds of other authors being similarly abused. It’s so difficult (and expensive) to create a book and they are robbing us of our livelihoods. This won’t go on. My best to you. Be sure to file legally (it’s free) with government agencies: IC3 (FBI Cyber crimes), and others.

    • Thanks for the support. I’m monitoring. The reviews will come off Amazon as fake, but they’re still on GRs, of course. I’m sent in another complaint, but it may not get very far. Thanks again.

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