Ode to Doctor Who

Included in my anthology, Twisted Vine: An Anthology of Short Stories and Poems, is this tribute I wrote to this episode of Doctor Who – The Village of the Damned.  I just thought it was very sad they couldn’t be together, but hoped they would someday. Hope you enjoy it.


The Message


On a world unimagined

In a universe untold

Lived a woman of unrenowned

Whose life did once unfold.


Mysterious and magical

Assuredly she did live

Within her galaxy’s environs

Which great visions to her did give.


She walked among the grass and stones,

And sang unto the trees

Where housed many winged and climbing things,

Her words they oft did heed.


Each day seemed no different

The next always came and went,

Till a vision of destruction foretold

Her world would burn as her universe was rent.


As she watched the leaves aflutter

Tumbling across the peaceful ground,

Gathering as gleeful mice in somersaults,

Spinning all around,


A great thunder cracked the fabric defined

As time and space, breaking the multi-ways;

Its universes of galaxies and dimensions

Where light and darkness divided all the days.


Her power alone could not repair

The damage that was done,

But vision begged her so she spake

Upon the stars seeking for only one.


Beyond her universe his lonely heart

Was found, so instantly hers he knew,

Both understanding great powers that

Make all living worlds — too few.


Her message was harnessed by the stars

Sending out her one true plea, “Come!”

Knowing with the multi-verses in such peril

Soon all the lovely visions would succumb.


“Help I need,” she prayed the powers,

“So bring him unto me,

To the very heart where light and love

Abound for those within this sea.”


He looked upon the message

Without much understanding,

But heeded Astrid’s urgency knowing

Only he had such power commanding.


Across the timelines, through the dimensions

He followed the star-trail of his quest,

He and his companion fighting all the forces

Impeding his desire to fulfill his very best.


Upon arrival, prepared for intervention,

Expecting an ending of all his latter days,

His arsenal was readied, but he feared

Too late for the mending of the ways.


All seemed lost as he gazed upon

The darkness which did abound

Where once bright light swirled o’r heavens

To shine on many worlds all ’round.


He questioned his awareness asking,

“I think…have I seen this before?”

Till a spark of hope winked upon a

Blackened cinder-world once more.


“There!” he cried and hurried

To the sight of lone absolution

To gaze upon a vine encrusted citadel of death,

The light within crying for resolution.


“What is it?” His companion, a lesser being,

Inquired of his sighting.

His explanations confusing until he said,

“Only that for which we would be fighting.”


“This is the last refuge of the sacred holy

And there she lies inside

For nary a universe of heavens and earths

Would exist for me if ever she had died.”


He used his mighty powers

To part the door’s lone way

To find an unkempt garden with spirits

Who could only be the ancient fey.


He cleared the once worn path

To follow her beckoning voice

All the while marveling at the beauty

That was, apparently, her choice.


“Look, there,” was softly spoken.

“It’s her. This time I’m not too late.

She held the rent until I came.”

He ran as his companion begged, “No, wait.”


But he longed to see the vision

He’d witnessed through her star-sent plea

Finding only her barren framework housed

In tattered threads, her figure so incomplete.


It touched his lonely heart

With such a pain he could never say.

He halted his advance, his heart revealing

His sorrowful moan along the way.


There, set upon a wicker swing,

Peaceful as if in slumber,

Hung from majestic boughs intertwined

With succulent vines beyond number,


The remnant of a lonely being

Awaiting his prowess

Had slept too long, but its meaning

He could never truly guess.


The magic of her power felt

Mighty as they approached,

Though only bones and whitened hair

Seemed their sad reproach.


Though its life appeared forever spent

Sparkling colors of untold powers

Began to re-animate her ethereal essence

A reprieve for their lost hours.


There she formed as he dreamt she would,

Her glowing face’s beauty recognized.

Tentatively shy, they stepped closer.

“I called,” she said. “I heard,” he replied.


“I kept these worlds for you,” she told,

“And would have waited through all of time,

Because your coming crossed too many lines,

None of which, till now, were mine.


“I’ve strolled this lovely secret grove

For just this moment, to tell you of my life,

And how your final coming will rekindle our love

For now I can live without aging as your wife.


“I may only live now as memory,

But felt myself fulfilled to stay

For in this spirit I’ll wait again for you

Until you’ve found your journey’s way.


“Return when sanctuary you seek

To find such was denied us before,

A lasting love you will always know,

And shall have forevermore.”


He added his own power, sealed with his kiss,

To hid all where she would stay,

To travel ’bout the universes,

Only he knowing their secret way.


Seeking her with his last return

Her living form would again be replaced,

So their united powers with the stars

Can encompass all the visions of intercosmic space.



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Chronicles of a Indie Publicist: The Top 10 Marketing Mistakes of the Self-Published Author

I get a lot of reblogs from Chris The Story Reading Ape and this is one I thought worth passing along.  Anything that is helpful for the Indie Publishing author is worth the time for read it.  I hope it benefits you in your work.

The Problem

As a person who has worked in book (specifically eBook) marketing for a while, I’m starting to notice a startling disconnect.

Self-publishing authors are repeating the same marketing mistakes over and over again.


Every day I come across authors who overload their social media profiles, spam their followers, and then complain about the results. I come across authors who refuse to invest more than a few dollars in a eBook, but complain about exposure.(Consider that a traditional publisher has to spend thousands to market one book!)

This needs to stop.

Continue HERE.


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The Vulnerable Author

When I decided to self-publish I felt the excitement of holding that very first book in my hand.  It was real, and really happening.  It was much like giving birth when you’re amazed something you’ve known to happen to others could actually happen to you.  It wasn’t just a dream anymore.

The awe-struck feeling didn’t last long enough before another feeling slowly crept in.  It was the awareness that others would now know who you are and what you had done.  That set in a little fear of others judging you based on the work you did.  What if no one liked it?  What if it was really bad and only you thought it was good?  The nagging inner voice of doubt has struck.

I begged for others whom I trusted to read my work and assure me I hadn’t failed in my attempt.  It’s taken two years and more unresponsive or noncommittal friends and family than genuinely responsive, then a few very good reviews before the slow process of believing in myself began.  Even though I now accept I can write well and many will like it, the occasional nagging inner voice of doubt lingers.  I wonder if its good enough?  I think it will be a continuous up and down battle to close off that voice with each new publication.

As more and more strangers report good things it gets easier, but it’s not like the eleven books, with a total of seventeen publications (some just ebooks), in two years brought in a flood of fans.  At least not ones who actually buy the books.  Few Indie authors experience that.  It’s the gifts and free giveaways that you hope will feed your doubts with good reviews, but never materialize that really disappoint.  We are such a vulnerable lot, and very egocentric when it comes to these feelings.

We support each other with likes and votes and sharing posts, with occasional purchases, and sometimes reviews, but it’s still a difficult road to travel down.  We’re mostly alone.  It’s the nature of our craft.  Continuing to immerse ourselves in imaginary places with imaginary people doing imaginary things keeps us busy.  If we stay busy maybe the fear won’t come, maybe the doubt will stay away and maybe even a few books will sell.  Of those maybe a few reviews will materialize to help erase any remaining doubt.

All of us go through this to some degree.  HERE is another blog with steps to follow to overcome some of these feelings of vulnerability and help you keep on keeping on so no one is shattered by disappointing comments or downright meanness.  Become strong because the naysayers are out there and when things begin to look good they could strike you down.  Be prepared.  Become strong.  Then it won’t matter if others don’t approve.  Enough will.


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New Campaign

DON’T BUY ANY OF MY BOOKS!  Not the novellas, the novels, the children’s books, or the e-book only books.  Why?  Because they must be really, really bad.  How do I know?  The trolls…ah… certain librarians and reviewers on Goodreads say so.

Disregard all the great reviews that have been written in very professional style by those I don’t know, but who have become fans, in praise of the books.  These folks have an agenda.  And it ain’t pretty.

New PfL FrontBookCoverPreview.doThey are maligning A Price for Love/Ariel’s Cottage especially, which has happened before causing me to leave the GRs site.  But they have made a promise, in writing, that there will be a lot of 1-star and no-star reviews.  “Don’t say you haven’t been warned.”  Well, it’s happening.  If they want to hurt you there are no holes barred and no management on any site can help you.  This group, who stick together like snot on tissue, obviously meant it for more than the one book .  The ratings on all my books on Goodreads have now decreased significantly.  Without even checking I can confidently say there are a lot of new 1-star reviews without comments posted.  Well, that’s Goodreads.  It does have this reputation against authors, especially Indie authors.  Too bad the general public doesn’t understand.

I just read a man’s very nice statement to one of their comments in the Goodreads Author Feedback Group discussion Writer’s Circle>REVIEWS.  He said when exchanging reads for a review he opted not to do a review because the book was so bad.  The author was agreeable and welcomed his feedback.  That is a very polite and normal human way to do things.  The responses he got were encouraging him to give bad reviews or the poor public will be duped into buying bad books.  Notwithstanding the fact that authors, especially Indie authors, struggle to sell even one book, this is their ploy to expand their negative behavior.  I hope he doesn’t succumb.

So, what’s a troll?  According the this article, Internet Trolls are Horrible People, they are not only not-nice people, but really dangerous.  To quote: “…the behaviors are intrinsically motivating for sadists…”  Read it for yourself: 

This is an article that addresses the research findings of those who thrill at trolling.  I’m sure there are other articles you can look up.  In fact, try this one –  However, if you want a real picture of their damage check out the site where victims of their abuse report:  You are welcome to report to them on my behalf, if you so choose.  They are very good with confidentiality.

Sadism is the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.  In general use, it’s deliberate cruelty.  Having worked in the psychological field, having a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, I am well acquainted with the other terms used in the article – narcissistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic.  Each category includes very dangerous people.  To help you understand here are the definitions.

Narcissism is the excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.  Psychologists define it as a personality type, a disorder if enough diagnostic traits are revealed.  Its  characterized by a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration.  Also, be aware, this personality disorder is grouped with antisocial and borderline disorders as the most dangerous.  Psychoanalyists have found the individual’s self-centeredness arising from a failure to distinguish the self from external objects, as in very young babies or as a feature of a mental disorder.

Machiavellian, name after Niccolò Machiavelli, refers to a person who is cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one’s career.  I would clarify it as advancing one’s agenda.

Everyone uses the term psychopath at some point in reference to behavior, but few really understand the implications.  Basically, it’s an unstable and aggressive person, but in mental health evaluations the disorder is shown to be chronic, that is, ongoing with abnormal and violent social behavior.

Well, this is more than I planned to say.  I haven’t referred to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual because it really is for professionals only…and maybe professional writers.  It may even be on line if you’re researching for a deviant character or psychological thriller.  Now, back to the topic.

There is no defense against derogatory.  Most of us who have encountered such low life individuals already know this.  However, since  it’s part of their tactics to put you off, hoping avoidance will save you from more abuse, it’s time to act when the abuse doesn’t end.  AndI could use a little  help.  I’m experiencing one of James Kirk’s no-win scenerios.  I, too, am trying not to believe in it.

Like I said in the beginning…don’t buy my books.  Of course, if you are curious enough to want to see for yourself, then by all means, go ahead.  Add an honest review if you like, showing you have actually read the book and can make comments about elements within.  I can tell the difference.  Can’t you?  What I am meaning by the statement, don’t buy, is that purchase isn’t necessary if you want to help.  It’s a very simple gesture I request…in fact, I beg for.

Amazon says that comments can be made about negative reviews.  Fine, that’s an option, but it’s predictable that they will come back with something you’ll have to answer to and you’ll get drawn in.  If a comment for a positive review seems appropriate to you, and you’re brave, give it a try.  If a comment against it follows, I’d advise you to  remain unresponsive, or report it to Amazon.  I know, steam will come out of your ears, but when in a cage of hungry carnivorous creatures, you must be careful.

The biggest help, according to Amazon, (yes, I have communicated to them about this) is to vote Yes on the positive reviews and No on the negative reviews.  Don’t vote more than once because it won’t count anyway.  And it’s considered ballot stuffing.  If you do this the one million drop in this one book’s ranking, A Price for Love (Kindle; Ariel’s Cottage is the book) might return closer to what it was.

Be aware of the number of votes when you check.  In one day the negative review got 8 Yes votes, so they are ahead of the No votes.  In almost two years none of the other reviews have gotten more than 6, and most only 4.  And No votes were obviously added to the positive reviews.

I have a few from another of my sites who added the 5 No votes yesterday, which makes it a total of 13 in one day.  We should all be so lucky to have this everyday…in a more positive way, of course.

If you’re not into doing this sort of thing for anyone, but want to offer encouragement I will approve your comment.  The troll comments, of course, will not be approved.  And I have no doubt this will appear on GRs for them to fan the flames because it posts on my Facebook page.

I’m back to seeing trolls everywhere.  It’s a victim response, but I’ve backed off to think about this.  I have cut-throat abilities with words, but choose not to use them outside of fiction, and rarely there.  However, in light of this, I am seriously considering the characters for another book.  This one I may send to a publisher, one that likes hot topics and controversial situations.  Or, hot situations and controversial topics.  Anyway…  Several titles come to mind – Troll Heaven, The Day of the Trolls, Walk like a Troll, Sing the Troll Song, Being Troll…it could be fun.  And all the characters have such cute names…BubblesintheBath, TinManHardStanding, BacadabusBob, Sexy24-7.  I made these up and hope no real person uses them, but you get the picture.

Thank you for understanding my need for this posting, and I hope there is some help out there.  I don’t want it to turn out like promised reviews that never appear.  Good people need to stick together and support among Indie authors is usually strong.  So, thank you for all your support in advance.  I think I need some ice cream now, chocolate, of course.

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Yes, Roy, Writing is Hard

Though I could also say writing is hard, I have B.J. to thank for making it easier.  Her sudden loss put me on my own after working through that first book with her, Where the Horses Run.  She’d only started the second of that trilogy.   She’s mentioned in the acknowledgments.   I’m still writing, as you know.

I didn’t reach out to a publisher because my point of self-doubt, which Roy mentions, continues to some degree.  That and age put me on a faster track to publication by doing it BookCover4H1myself.  It has given me more jobs to do than I intended and made the work that much harder.  But it’s also been a road of discovery, both of my likes and talents.  And a decreasing budget forced me to take on parts of the requirements for publication I never intended to be faced with.  I have felt all alone though all of it.

We writers crave self assurances to keep going.  I haven’t had the contacts Roy has to keep me going, but keeping on going is what I’ve done.  Why?  Because once something’s discovered inside that has to come out you just can’t quit.

With a deadline of age I am focusing on finishing as much as I can before I can not longer do the work, then maybe I can focus more on the marketing end.  While I do some of that now it is frustrating to have work I’d rather be finishing.

Enjoy Roy’s road to success.  I did and it’s always good to know it can still happen…and to some of the nicest people.

Thank you, Roy, for your easy friendship.  All the best, always.

The kindness of others…

.. Posted September 19. 2013 by Roy Dimond

I’m going to state the obvious  – writing is hard.  But hang in there with me, I might surprise you, as well as myself, and share something insightful.

But first, back to my original premise, writing is hard. When I originally sat down to write my first novel, I had sweet naïveté sitting upon my shoulder.  That carried me for 6 months.  Then enthusiasm carried me for another 6 months.

Into the second year of my first novel, I began having an odd feeling.  I heard it first, then felt it in the pit of my stomach.  It came from over in the dark corner of my writing cave.  I even remember the date, July 6th at precisely 9:40AM when I stopped pounding the old keyboard and said out loud, “Who’s there?”

Silence was the response, so I started again, ready to tap out 2,000 words of great prose.  With 500 done, several of the brilliant variety, well, I had at least a comma that I was fifty percent sure was in the right place, when I heard it again.  It sounded like a snicker, but I knew it for what it was — self-doubt.

That was the day I became a writer — my naiveté had been replaced by doubt.  I took my year’s worth of work and rewrote the entire manuscript.  Another three years singing-bowl3passed and finally, I had my first novel, The Singing Bowl.

Next, I learned about query letters, publishing houses, and agents.  Believing myself to be prepared, I made the leap and sent out my manuscript.  I leaped naked into the great River of No…rejections came and writing was not only hard — it hurt — a lot.  Most rejections were polite, many were form letters, some were encouraging, and one or two had an attitude.  And not the spunky, you can do it ‘tude,’ that would have been so very much appreciated, but a sniffling, looking down one’s nose attitude.

But I love writing, so I started a second book and then one day — THE CALL came — a publisher wanted to see the entire manuscript of my first novel!  Then the follow up… they want it!  Eventually, more book contracts were signed, I found an agent, and the writing world became a little easier — not writing itself, just the world around it…

So here is the insight I promised.  People who are in this profession are REALLY… REALLY nice.

I have talked with dozens of publishers, scores of agents, and writers uncountable, and I can honestly say, the more successful, the more respected, and even revered, the nicer and more approachable they are.

So if you are just starting out, take a risk.  The icons of the industry will try to share the little time they have, they will laugh with you, and they will respect you.  They will freely share their experience, and they will be, most importantly — helpful.

Yes, even in this cold, hard, and harsh world of writing, there is kindness.

Thank you, to all those who have been so generous.  It is sincerely appreciated.  Especially now, as I turn back to the keyboard, and my self-doubt sits patiently smirking in the dark corner of my writing cave.

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Two Novellas Just Released in Kindle

With all the changes in publishing it really behooves the writer to have all their works available in at least one ebook form.  While Painted Tree: Two Novellas is available in a Kindle edition for only $3.99, I have decided to release the two novellas as separate Kindle editions.  A historical crime and recovery duo set in the early 1940s each sells for only $1.99.

In Blood There is No Honor the crime occurs in broad daylight. The reactions of the family and community are shown, with one seeking revenge — even into battle. The purchase site is available on the amazon HERE.

If I Could Only Sparkle has the victim’s first person telling of her recovery after four years shrouded in the darkness of her own withdrawn world.    The amazon purchase site is HERE.

SPARKLE Full purple

I want all my followers, readers and fans to know to periodically check this site’s sister page, HERE, for updates on my publications.  I don’t presently plan to add a new page on that site at any time, just keep the current page updated.  It is all about the books, after all.

And be aware that Nook will be non-existent after Christmas 2013, and a Kindle iCloud reader can be downloaded to your iMac for free.  Someone will have to let me know if there is a similar service for PCs.

Don’t forget to leave a review. It really is the life-blood of all artists.

A review

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A New Publication on Kindle


Just published on Kindle this morning.  Available  on Amazon, only $.99!  It appears in my anthology, Twisted Vine, but I thought YA and older could find it and enjoy it more this way.  A small booklet is now available (as of 7/13/13), priced at $3.75, but Amazon now has it for $3.56 with free shipping.  It’s dedicated to all horse lovers and is a spin-off of my trilogy, Where the Horses Run, following long after that story is over.  If you’ve read Book I, Mass Extinction, you will understand this one a little better.  Book II, Sacred Hills will be release later this summer.  If you want to see both books click here.

The Look Inside feature isn’t there for the book yet, but it is for the Kindle edition.  The synopsis is available on Amazon, as usual.

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Twisted Vine: An Anthology

This is the Amazon address for the Kindle version of my anthology, Twisted Vine.  It has the Look Inside benefit of seeing some of what you would be getting.  It’s only $2.99 and available through the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.  Check it out.

The book version is also available now ~ only $12.00 list, but Amazon is presently selling it for $11.40.  It doesn’t yet have the Look Inside benefit, but will soon.  You can find it here:

As an anthology Twisted Vine is a genre assortment of my poems and short stories, a menagerie of tales spun for your enjoyment.  While time is a theme, a twist in time conflicts a few.  Some appear in my published and yet-to-be published novels and are here as stand-alone excerpts.  These include stories with Celtic backgrounds and of Native Americans.  Many are here for the first time.  Skim through the Contents, review the Introduction and learn how a variety can interest you.

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SG:U Act III (unfinished)

A head-on view of the Earth Stargate.


SCENE: Command Central

Sgt. Graham calls on com:  Colonel?

Colonel:  Go ahead.

Graham:  Colonel, we searched the whole deck.  There’s no one here.  Ms. Parker said the heat signature is also gone.

Colonel:  Well, heat signatures don’t lie, so check the deck again, and the ones above and below until you get back here.  Look close for something hidden, like a stasis pod.  Let me know what you find.  If our visitor re-entered stasis stand guard until I’m back from the planet.  If you find someone, put him in the staff conference room until I return and stand guard.  And you might get Lisa to try to make some friendly enquiries, get it a glass of water or something.

Graham:  I got you, Colonel.  Will do, sir.

SCENE:  On the planet surface, at shuttle bay ramp with trees in the background:

Scott draws his team in to get a report.

Greer:  Nothing, sir.  It looks like Earth, except for some of the animals.  I suggest we still continue with caution since we haven’t seen anyone…yet.

Scott:  Okay, let’s move out.  Hey, Vanessa, Eli said you spoke with Matthew.  How’d that go?

Vanessa:  Great.  He wanted to know all about you and of course I told him what a scoundrel you are.

Scott:  No.  You didn’t…

Vanessa laughs:  No.  I didn’t, but…

Conversation fades out as they walk away.

SCENE:  On Destiny at Shuttle bay, several boarding to investigate the planet—Eli, Volker, two soldiers, TJ, the Colonel as pilot and Varro as co-pilot.

Colonel:  Okay, I want everyone to be on alert.  I know you’re excited, (he looks at Volker) but we don’t really know what to expect.  He turns to Varro.  I want you to tell me if you see anything you’ve seen somewhere before.

Varro:  I understand.  I hope it’s all as new to me as it is to you.

Colonel:  Me, too.  (Clicks on com) Ready, Parker?

SCENE: Rush taking his position in Command Central along with Brody and Lisa.  Each looks over their console.

Lisa:  Coming in clear, Colonel.

Rush:  You’re clear for departure, Colonel Young.  I’m getting some good pictures from Scott’s team.  I’ll expect some from yours soon.

Brody:  I’ll monitor the incoming information on Scott’s team, Rush, if you want to monitor the Colonel’s team.

Rush, nods to Brody, adding:  Try to determine the location of the Stargate and let them know.  That should be one of their major investigation sites.

Brody:  Will do.

SCENE:  The shuttle becomes visible through the viewport (window) as it crosses over the deck of the ship, pointed toward the planet.

Lisa:  Got a visual on your new shuttle, Colonel…looking good.

Rush, turning to Lisa:  Parker, can you decipher that Ancient message we received when they boarded?

Lisa:  I’ll do my best, but it could take a while.

Brody:  I still can’t figure out how Eli could sleep in the Chair and not age more than he did.

Rush:  He did age.  It just doesn’t show on him like it would on one of us…yes, especially me.

Lisa tries to stifle an outburst of laughter.

Rush:  Was it really that funny?

Brody:  Bursts out laughing, releasing Lisa’s restraint.

Rush:  Okay, okay.  I surrender.  I’m officially the geezer here.

Brody and Lisa look at one another, then at Rush.

Rush: What?

Brody:  What did you dream of, Doctor?

Rush:  I don’t remember my dreams.  And Mandy and I did not connect during the time Eli and Ginn spent time together.

Mandy appears to Rush, and only he can see her:  But maybe soon?  She makes a cute face, then disappears.

Rush smiles, as if to himself.

SCENE:  Colonel landing the shuttle and everyone disembarking.

Eli:  I’ll remember where we parked, so let’s go.

Colonel:  Eli!

Eli stops his steps toward an interesting building: Yes?

Colonel:  You’re not the man in charge any more.

Eli:  Oh, right.

Colonel on com unit:  Scott, do you read?

Scott:  Yes, sir, loud and clear.

Colonel:  Where are you located?

Scott:  We didn’t find anything suspicious or out of the ordinary in that group of farms and houses, so we’ve moved on to the location Brody gave us for the Stargate.  We’re closing in on that building now, sir.

The Colonel gives Scott his team’s position, near a group of tall buildings resembling those on (Atlantis and) other Ancients’ sites.

Scott: We’re not that far apart, sir.

Colonel:  Good.  Report back as soon as you know if the Stargate’s in working order.

Scott:  Yes, sir.

The Colonel’s team moves out at his command.

SCENE:  Scott’s team near the rear of a large domed building: connected to a taller building.

James spots some movement near the building.  They check it out in a typical cautious soldier style approach—moving from behind objects as cover to the cover of the next, communicating with hand signals.  Once they enter the building they’re “greeted” by a variety of robots and human-like androids.  Neither they, nor the others move.

Scott, carefully contacts the Colonel:  Sir, you must proceed with caution.  We’re surrounded by a group of apparently non-aggressive robots and human-like androids.  They seem to be waiting for something.

SCENE:  Colonel’s team at entry of the tall, formal-looking large building.

Eli:  They may think we’re the ones they’ve been expecting.  Destiny did arrive on time.  Their presence may have interrupted a daily routine.  If they back off and observe it may become clearer.

Volker:  Eli could be right, but what if, upon arrival, some acknowledgement was supposed to be made.

Colonel:  Did you hear that, Rush?

Rush: Yes, Colonel, checking now.

Lisa:  The ship did send down a ping of some sort.  That could’ve been a notice of our arrival.  And it appears we’re receiving an answering ping now, sir.

Colonel:  Okay, investigate that further.  Scott, do as Eli suggested.  So far, everything appears benign.

SCENE:  Command Central

Lisa:  Graham, the heat signature is now in a different part of the ship.  No, ah, it just disappeared.

SCENE:  Graham and two others are near where Lisa reported her momentary sighting.  One of his team sees a blurring movement so they  proceed with caution.

SCENE:  Colonel and his group enter the tall, beautiful building.  They stop when a humanoid cybernetic unit (appearing very human-like) approaches from behind a clear glass wall where several others like it are working alongside various robotic assistants.

Pantu:  Welcome.  I am Pantu.  We have prepared for your arrival.  I hope you find everything satisfactory.  I am a little confused.  While you arrived on the ship we were expecting none of you bears the signature of those who set the course.  May I inquire more about you?

Colonel:  I’m not surprised there is some confusion.

As the Colonel speaks to Pantu the others spread out and investigate the area, not touching anything.

Scene on Destiny:  Graham and two soldiers find a room with a few statis units.  One is in operation with a figure inside.

Graham:  Found the intruder.  It’s in a statis pod in a room that appears to be a miniature control center.

Brody:  Remain on guard until the Colonel returns.

Graham:  Ah, we’re awfully hungry.  Could we get some relief so we can eat something?

Brody:  Oh, ah, sure thing.  I’ll take care of it right away.

SCENE:  The Colonel and his group are lead by Pantu into a large room where the Stargate is located.  They join the other team standing around observing.

Scott, reporting to Colonel: The Stargate appears workable, but it hasn’t been used.  The androids and robots, or maybe “little people,” all appear to be following some routine.

Colonel:  We need to find a main control center (as on Atlantis) and proceed to turn everything on.  Wish we had someone with the Ancient gene here.

Colonel turns to Pantu:  Lead on.  We need to prepare for the crews arrival.

Pantu:  It’s taken care of, Sir.  Feel free to look about, but don’t touch anything until its purpose has been reviewed for whomever is to command it.

Colonel, looking at everyone:  I think we all understand that, Pantu.  Thank you for your welcome and assistance.

Pantu:  Always available to help, sir.  An Ascended Master is awaiting a report.  Follow me.

Colonel, turning to Scott’s team:  Continue to look around, but lower the weapons for now.  Act like tourists.  Ask questions.

Each nods to him and wander off as the Colonel and his team follow Pantu.

Scene: An atrium of unknown purpose; the team looks around in awe as Pantu approaches a console.  Within a circle of pillars a shimmering light appears.  It announces itself by name and as an ascended master.  A discussion follows.

Needs to be continued to complete Act III

Maybe Act IV or just an Epilogue

I’d like some suggestions at this point on how that discussion would go and what it could lead to.

While I have some notes (only) on how the story could continue, I’d rather have some ideas from readers.  I know this may leave you hanging as much as the last show of the series, but you can put in your ideas of whatever you imagine to finish it and an Epilogue.  There could also be an Act IV before the Epilogue.  It’s all up to you.

If I get some good ideas I will finish it my way and you can let me know what you think.

Remember there are still several issues to be resolved.  What exactly do they find on the planet.  Does someone finally review the Ancients’ End of Mission directive?  Do they contact the Ancients who helped them?  Is that after they speak with the one hidden in the statis pod?  Was he actually hiding, and if so, why?  Will Rush be allowed to go on for his investigation or will the answers be found from their studies on the planet?  Is there a roadblock of any kind?  Do they begin to feel relieved and ready to settle when a glitch or threat is found?  Does it have anything to do with the lack of a DNA match?  Is there someone on board who matches by some happenstance?  And, finally, what exactly do they find?  Is there really an immediate answer or will it take the rest of their lives?  What does Lisa find in the rest of the message left on the kino by their boarders?  What does the Ancients’ directive for end of mission state?

There are probably more, and certainly some that will arise with each scenario devised.  I don’t expect you to write it out, just give a general short pitch of  what you image.

For what it’s worth here are my notes – I hope they aren’t a little too much like Battlestar Galactica (abandoned technology-dumb) and Wall-E (used technology, smart):

Once everyone has resettled in the ship, cleaned up and eaten the total of the last food brought on board, Colonel and Camile call a gathering after reporting to Earth, to inform the crew of their situation.

The message tells the story mentioned above, but also…??   Those helpful Ancients had planned to stay on board to reach the mission’s goal, but all the stasis pod were taken, and they didn’t have time to fix the malfuncioning one.  Of those who have survived and worked to rebuild their civilization some have ascended to guide them further.  They hoped to hear of Destiny’s report at the end of her mission.  They apparently thought those in stasis were also ancients, not realizing they were the second-generation evolution, and not yet as advanced as a whole.

It’s decided that Rush can take the ship “into the light,” after everyone has moved to the planet, and they’ve contacted those who helped them and offer to bring them, maybe go back for them.  Rush has to go to the intelligence there, to fulfill his interpretation of Destiny’s mission.  He has to understand even if it kills him.  Eli wants to go, argues that he’s earned it.  Rush says he will have Ginn and Mandy along with him as well.  The Camile insists on going.  She has nothing to lose.

Everyone believes they’ll die and not return as he’s sure they won’t (Mandy tells him, based on info in Ancient in the system), confidently claiming a room or home set up already on the planet as his own.

Eli stays on the planet because he won’t let Rush take Ginn.  He puts Ginn into the shuttle computer so he can at least talk to her, before Rush takes the ship.

They explore and settle into their new and permanent home, finding many things, including some answers about the Ancient’s purpose of Destiny’s mission.  They learn through the Ancients and Pantu and others like him (and her/also females) more about the unexplored parts of Destiny.  Are there clones to be completed, either people or animals, birds, fish?

A year passes. When Rush returns he’s changed.  Camile chose to stay, ascended—she appears to confirm his story since no one ever seems to believe him or listen to what he says.

He tells them the new mission is exactly what has already been figured out by those who stayed on the planet –to study this intelligence, ascend, then become one with it.  If he hadn’t “rushed” away before the Ancient’s site was explored he would’ve known.  They’ve learned a lot of what he knows, but he has “touched” it.

Rush is surprised when Ginn enters the room.  Those on the planet surprised Eli with a real life version of Ginn, putting her into a new body—exactly like her own—with the Ancient’s technology, so they tell Rush he can do the same with Mandy.  But she was too weak, he couldn’t maintain her in the system, but he did help her ascend.  He sees her, but others don’t, except Camile who again confirms.

And what do they call this world?  The name was already chosen by the Ancients, ???  It comes from an Ancient word meaning “to give back.”

Disclaimer:  I do not own the title of the series or any of the characters, other than those created herein which have not appeared in any of the series. The story is meant for entertainment, psychological/emotional closure for fans, and possibly education of non-fans as readers.  I do not wish to make any money from this publication.  I originally wrote it for my own enjoyment and am only sharing with other fans and readers who might become fans.  I do not mind if others might want to use some of the ideas for further non-profit works.  If there is any issue with this from any verifiable owner I will remove it.

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Gauntlet (Stargate Universe)

Here is the continuation of the previous posting.  There will be another to follow.

Act II

SCENE:  Ginn’s quarters

Ginn, sitting next to a sleeping Eli on the bedEli, you must wake up.

Mandy:  Enters the room as Eli sits up.

Eli:  What’s up?

Ginn:  The ship is coming out of FTL.

Mandy:  And it’s going to wake everyone up soon.

Eli, hurrying to get up:  No, it can’t do that.  It’s not supposed to do that.  What happened?

Ginn:  We don’t know.  Something in the Ancient’s programming.  Destiny seems to think this is the end of the mission.

Eli:  But there aren’t enough supplies to sustain everyone.

SCENE:  The Chair Room in background, the Chair with Eli sleeping in it fills the picture.

A shimmering blue light surrounds the Chair and its occupant.  It fades away (as it does in the pods), and Eli awakens.  He has a long beard and is rough looking and disheveled.  He has a folded paper in his hand that he looks at in puzzlementStroking his beard he realizes he must clean up fast.  He has to do something about the ship’s command to wake everyone up.  He rushes out of the room, stuffing the paper into his pocket.

SCENE:  Command Center:

Eli rushes in, shaved and hair cropped, but freezes in his tracks upon entering.

Eli: Whoa!

SCENE: Front window of Command Central:

The command unit window cover has risen and the pattern only seen on the computer screens before now fills the view.  An earth-like planet looms huge nearby with two small moons in the background.  Beyond them a bright light shines, suggesting a distant sun, but different somehow.

SCENE:  Follow Eli from CC entry to consoles.  He rushes around to check where they are, looks up info on all stargate planets, but finds only the one.

Ginn appears and walks over to Eli.

Eli:  Only found this one planet.

Ginn:  The ship’s going into a high orbit on the fringes of space above the thick atmosphere around it.

Eli, looking at Ginn:  Like Earth’s?  Now I’ve got to figure out why everyone is to be awakened and try to stop it.

Ginn:  Look up the end commands for the mission directive.

Eli stops a moment in thought:  Yeah, Kauffman told me to do that, a while back.  I forgot all about it.

Mandy appears:  It’s too late.  They’re waking.

SCENE:  Stasis Hall:

Chloe, looking at TJ, after stepping out of the pod:  I’m taking a shower.

TJ:  I’m after you.

SCENE: Lisa before stepping out of pod, with her hands on her cheeks, staring.

Lisa calls anxiously:  TJ!

Before Chloe and TJ can sneak off they’re stopped by Lisa’s callTJ and Chloe rush to Lisa stopping in front of her pod.

Lisa looks at them, astonished:  I can see.

TJ and Chloe:  What?

Lisa:  It’s not perfect, but it’s sight.

TJ:  Can you get yourself to the Examination Room?

Lisa, excited, almost laughing:  Definitely.

TJ:  I’ll meet you there.  You go on, Chloe.  I think I need to check on everyone.

Lisa, excitedly:  I can see.  I can see.

SCENE:  The passage outside the statis halls.

Greer:  Stops to wait for Lisa’s approach, after hearing her voice.

Lisa:  She sees him and rushes toward him, almost singing her excitement.

Lisa:  I can see.  I can see.  I can see.

Greer, smiling:  So you can.  That’s wonderful.

Greer and Lisa:  They hug and she resumes her sing-song words as they continue around a curve/corner and out of sight toward TJ’s Examination Room.

Lisa’s voice fades:  I can see.  I can see.

SCENE: Stasis Hall

Volker:  That’s great about Lisa.

Brody:  Yeah.  So, I guess we got around those robot ships.  We’re still alive.

Volker:  Yeah, we must be in the next galaxy okay. Wonder if the ship’s charged up yet…been through a sun.

Brody looks at the last pod obviously still not working.  He looks frightened, and shouts.

Brody:  We’re here so…hey, did everyone make it!?

SCENE: Command center

Colonel Young and Camile enter only slightly aware of the significance of the scene before them.

Colonel:  What’s happening, Eli?  Did we get to the next galaxy and recharge?  What’s the countdown?

Volker, entering:  Seems like we just went to sleep.  What the hel-?

Brody, entering:  So everyone made it okay, huh, Eli?  How?  There was that one pod…  Wow!   Would you look at that!

Eli, flustered and anxious:  We’re not in the next galaxy.  And there is no countdown!

Rush stopped upon entering, studying the scene through the windows.

Rush:  Where are we, Eli?

Colonel:  And why did you wake everyone?

Brody:  Or wait so long to wake everyone?

Colonel:  Either way…Eli?

Eli:  I didn’t.  The ship woke us all up.  I’m trying to figure out why.  But there’s an Earth-like planet to check out, and we’ll be desperate for supplies real soon.

Colonel, over com:  Scott, you and Greer doing okay?

SCENE:  Mess:

Scott & Greer eating, along with many others.

Scott:  Yes, sir.  We’re getting something to eat.  What’s the plan?

Colonel:  When you’re done, prep the shuttle for a trip to our nearby planet.

Scott:  Yes, sir.

SCENE: Command Center

Rush, having approached Eli at the console:  Where are we, Eli?

TJ: Colonel, everyone accounted for.  Only have a few with statis sickness, but they should be fine soon.

Colonel: Thanks, TJ.

Brody seated at his console:  How did everyone survive if that pod wasn’t fixed?

Camile, looking closely at Eli:  Eli?  You look older.  What happened while we slept?

Volker:  And thinner.  Hey, I need to know your secret.

Eli: He’s trying to concentrate, but all the discussions upset him.

Eli:  Do you realize how much easier it was to work with all of you asleep.  I’m trying to find out…please.

Rush, after checking out locations:  We’ve crossed several galaxies since we went into stasis.

Colonel:  What?

Eli:  I couldn’t wake you.  I had the ship wake me to find out if any planets had enough food to sustain the crew for a long period.  I’ve barely found enough to sustain myself when I was awake.

Volker:  Obviously.

Eli rolls his eyes and sighs.

Eli, at a whisper:  Back to normal…honeymoon’s over.

Ginn appears next to him, but no one else sees her:  But it was great while it lasted.  She smiles.

Eli glazes sideways at her, and smirks.

Ginn disappears.

Camile exits as Lisa enters excitedly.

Camile:  Lisa, you…

Lisa:  Yes, yes.  Isn’t it wonderful?  TJ thinks it just needed time to heal.  It’s not as clear as before, but it may get better.

Lisa takes a seat.  She punches Volker’s arm.

Lisa:  Catch me up.

Volker:  Well, as you can seehis voice trails off.

Colonel:  Okay.  Where are we?

Volker:  We’re in the cluster’s web, on the edge of the void in the outer arm of a large galaxy.

Brody:  More precisely, we’re near an earth-like planet in a solar system of that galaxy in a cluster I don’t recognize.

Rush:  And possibly near the point in the universe where we pinpointed the big bang.  We’re near the heart of the beginning of all things.

Colonel:  Not at the end of the universe?

Volker:  Well, if the Big Bang dispersed unilaterally, as we think it did, we would be at the center of the known universe.

Rush:  Yes, at its heart…like I said.

Brody:  And the readings are off the chart.  This place is even better than Earth.

Eli:  That’s why the ship woke us up.  It’s ‘End of Mission.’

Eli points to the clockThere’s no countdown.

Eli:  We’re not going any further.  We’re in orbit around that Earth-like planet.(He points to the scene before them.)  It’s end of mission.  Look at this.

Eli pushes some buttons and the dimensional digital screen appears.  Rush walks over to look closely, following their path line through the cosmic web across it with a pointed finger.  Others observe.

Rush:  Since leaving from here (he points to the starting point in the galaxy they by-passed) we’ve passed through several clusters, just left this galaxy cluster, and traveled through the connecting web to another.  I’m afraid we may have lost a lot of information we might need along the way.

Eli: No, we haven’t.

SCENE:  Medical Room

TJ, calling over com:  Colonel?

Colonel’s voice:  Go ahead, TJ.

TJ:  I’ve found some interesting new medicinals that weren’t here before.

Colonel’s voice:  Yeah, I’m getting similar reports from all over the ship.  Thanks for letting me know.

SCENE:  Command Center

Colonel turns to Eli:  Well?  You were the man in charge.  What happened?

Everyone turns to Eli who looks puzzled, then remembers, pulling the folded paper from his pocket, now crumpled.  He quickly unfolds it and looks hard at it.

Camile, before Eli can answer, enters and walks directly to the Colonel to mumble to him:  I’ve made a quick report to Home Base, and you’re not going to like what I found out.

Colonel looks at her puzzled and astonished.

Camile responds with pressed lips and a head nod sideways.

Eli, glancing from the paper to the faces and back at the paper, then to Rush:  I found this in my hand when I woke up.

Camile:  What is it, Ely?

Eli:  It’s a note, in Ancient, but a little different.  I think I get the gist of it.  Somebody…check for any kino recordings of movement within the ship recently.  It appears we’ve been boarded.

Camile, Lisa, Brody and Volker:  What?

Colonel:  Who could have boarded us?

Eli:  Well…Ancients. He holds out the note.  There were things left behind, and fixed.

Scott, calling over com:  Colonel?

Colonel:  Go ahead.

Scott:  Colonel, we’ve got two shuttles now.

Colonel:  Really?  Okay.  Pick one and go.  I’ll send another team along after you’ve made a complete aerial recon.  We need to get some supplies on this ship.

Scott:  Yes, sir.

Rush:  Colonel, I’ve found a recording.  It’s spotty, only select recordings.

Everyone crowds in front of a screen and watches the scene:

A hand comes off the kino, having covered its lens, as several individuals, weaponless, enter the ship from a shuttle bay.  The recording shows they quickly disperse throughout the ship.  One checks stasis halls and reports in an unknown language.  Another checks command center, reads consoles, pushes a few buttons and reports.  The same is seen with the stargate room, the food and supply storage areas, the medical center and life support units, and some damaged areas.  It doesn’t take long as they quickly regroup and leave.

A hand comes off the kino again.  There’s another entry through the shuttle bay, but this time supplies are brought on board, equipment is carried to sites where repairs are made.  Another shuttle connects replacing the first that sets down and parks on deck.  They unload the second shuttle.  Everyone hurriedly boards, the last person out grabbing the recording kino, disturbing its picture, while something is apparently jammed inside it.  It continues to record.  The shuttle lifts off leaving the first parked on the deck.

There’s an escort for the ship through the solar system, providing an apparent unnecessary, but courtesy guardianship, until Destiny approaches the star, enters it, then exits where its escort is again waiting.  They trail behind until Destiny reenters hyperspace when the FTL engages.

Eli, whispering, looking at Ginn whom no one else can see:  How long ago did this happen?  How long has it been since I was last awake?  Why wasn’t I wakened when the ship came out of FTL at that time?

Ginn:  a month ago…and, six months.   I’ll find out.

Ginn dissolves.

Eli, muttering to himself:  I’m so glad I got rid of the beard.

Volker:  Their ships look like Ancient design.

Colonel:  So they were benevolent.  We could sure use all the help we can get.

Camile:  They must have seen us as the ship’s crew.  That fits…

Colonel:  We are the ship’s crew.  Eli, what does your note say?

Eli:  Well, basically, they wish us luck on our mission.  Hoped they helped enough in the limited time they had.  And they hope to hear from us again at End of Mission.

Rush:  There’s a message here, also.

Lisa:  It must be what they shoved into the kino on some kind of disk.

Eli mutters:  I didn’t know it could hold a disk.

Rush:  Probably so.  It tells the story of how many of them left Terra…

Brody:  Earth!

Stargate Universe (season 1)

Rush:  …when a virus broke out.  They stargate-jumped from planet to planet, until they found a base with a starship.  They knew of Destiny, but none had been able to locate it or find a source powerful enough to allow them to join it so they jumped their ship through the larger stargates to the furthest points they could reach.  They kept moving their group ahead through hyperspace to stargate planets as the seed ships built them.  They hoped to intercept Destiny and board her.

Brody interrupts:  That would explain why the stargates were guarded in that last galaxy…well, the last one I remember. (mutters this last)

Rush:  continues…Many more started than those who finally reached their present home, thousands of years ago.  Apparently, their ship malfunctioned forcing them to remain for generations before they had the capacity to rebuild it.  Their stargate is outside their solar system and unreachable for now.  They still haven’t developed enough to fly out of their solar system…about like us.

Camile, muttering:  Well, us when we left.

Rush continues:  They tried to contact the ship when it appeared, even landed a shuttle hoping to remain, but the pods were filled, so they quickly left after unloading their supplies, returning with more, but left again as the ship was about to go into their star to recharge, then return to FTL.  They left a second shuttle where one was missing, fixed some vital things, left more supplies, and this message.

Rush looks at the Colonel:  It’s lengthy.  Someone will have to decipher the rest.  I can’t take the time.  The language is a little different, and could take a while.  It was all I could do to get that much.

Colonel:  You did well.  All right.

Eli, looking around, then at Rush to answer his charge:  It appears we’ve arrived at the last stargate made by the seed ships.  I’ve had the ship, that is, Ginn and Mandy, collect all the information they could along the way.  We’ll have to review it to understand why the ship considers this as the end of its voyage.

Colonel:   Let’s get to work and get this done.

Lisa:  Colonel, there’s a heat signature on an upper deck we haven’t explored.  It looks like someone’s on board with us.

Eli:  It could be the pilot of the shuttle.

Volker:  Could be…I didn’t see the pilot exit on that recording before they took off.

Colonel:  Sergeant Graham, come in.

Graham:  Yes, sir.

Colonel:  Where are you?

Graham:  I’m near the showers on my way to the mess.

Colonel:  Get a couple more to go with you and investigate deck 27 in D hall.  There may be a person, but not expected to be hostile.  Proceed with caution anyway, and escort the person to the Staff Room.

Graham:  Yes, sir.

Colonel:  Lisa, I may need you to interpret for me.  Be ready.

Lisa:  Yes, sir.

Scott, calling over the com:  Colonel?

Colonel:  Go ahead, Scott.

Scott:  Colonel, you might want to send that additional team down before collecting supplies.  We’ve found some interesting things here.

Colonel:  Such as?

Scott:  There are several small cities dispersed over the planet’s single large continent and all appear unoccupied.  Also, there’s another one of those tall towers or beacons, like the one found on Eden, sir.  But, there are also gardens and orchards, and herds of animals roaming areas need the cities that appear to be farms.  It looks as though it’s been prepared for our arrival.

Rush:  Not for us, but for the Ancients who would be manning this ship.

Scott:  I’m now looking at a larger city built around a central hub of some kind.  It’s really beautiful.

Colonel:  Who could be maintaining it, if everything appears unoccupied?

Scott:  I don’t know, sir.  We’ll have to check it out.

Colonel:  Your team can start, Lieutenant.  Scout out that city to see what you find and let us know.  I think I have some scientific minds who want to join the other team.  We’ll want to check out that central hub so make sure all’s clear.

Eli:  And don’t touch anything.

Colonel:  Did you get that, Lieutenant?

Scott:  Yes, sir.

Rush, smiling:  Eli, you’re starting to sound like me.

The Colonel and Camile leave together.

Brody and Volker exchange conversation:

Volker:  The builders of the stargates much have prepared this for the crew’s arrival.

Brody:  Yeah, this is where they’d settle and study that phenomenon out there.

Volker:  It’s not the sun…I’ve found the sun.  It’s hidden by that phenomenon’s light.

Brody:  But how did Eli survive outside the pod?

Volker:  And how did Ginn and Mandy monitor the ship to wake him?

They look at each other, then at Lisa when she speaks.

Lisa:  I know how.

Together they all say the same thing at the same time: The Chair.

SCENE:  Passage outside Command Center:

Rush catches up to join the Colonel and Camile as they talk in whispers leaving the room.  He approaches them in the hallway to interject his concerns.

Rush:  Colonel, I hope we’re not missing something here.

Colonel:  What do you mean?

Rush:  Well, if the planet is set up for the Ancient’s arrival…

Camile:  That’s what I’m trying to tell you, Colonel.  In my report I learned that we’re now considered the pioneering ancestors and the Ancients of Earth’s current, and greatly changed race.

Rush:  What?

Camile:  Well, we’ve traveled a lot further for a lot longer than we’d planned when put into stasis.  Eli gave reports each time he was awakened, realizing how much time could pass on Earth as we remained so long in FTL, not aging.  Telford’s replacement asked to speak with Eli.

Colonel:  Telford’s replacement?  Wait a minute.  We need to have everyone together for this.

Colonel contacts everyone to reportHe calls Scott (stopping him from leaving the shuttle) as he walks to the meeting room:  Join us via this link before you disembark the shuttle.  Have your team recon (reconnoiter) the surrounding area within a mile radius.

SCENE:  Command staff, gathered in meeting room with the Colonel leading the meeting.  Present are Camile, Chloe, Brody, Volker, Lisa, TJ, Eli, and Rush.  Scott is via a com link.

Colonel:  Camile reported to Home Base and got a few surprises.  She’s going to tell us about them.  Camile?

Camile:  When I reported to Home Base via the stones upon awakening, I learned that almost everyone we’ve known, and loved has died.

A gasp group-wide among the command staff filled the room.  The Colonel looked confused.  Rush lowered his head, before looking up at those upset around him.  Eli remained quiet, looking sad.

Camile:  It’s a terrible shock, I know, and I think we’ll have to let the crew know and give them a mourning period.

Rush:  But we were expecting that possibility.  We only thought it could be us who died.

Camile:  We did prepare everyone by allowing them a visit and explaining how much time would pass on Earth while we were in stasis.  We didn’t realize how long that time would turn into.

Volker:  Was it the attack they were experiencing when we went into stasis?

Camile:  No.  While they survived the attacks on the planet, many were lost, and a new civilization has built up over the intervening years.  In fact, they now consider us the pioneering Ancestors of the Ancients.

Everyone:  What?

Rush:  Laughs  So we are the crew the planet has prepared for.

Camile:  They were aware of our situation because Eli made a report each time he was awakened and searched the Stargate planets for food and water.

ColonelGood job, Eli.

Eli:  He nods his mouth drawn and tense.

Eli:  It was a while before the stones and communication units on their end were repaired.  But once I contacted them and explained the situation, well, with each of my periodic contacts I was a little more aware of what was going on, and what happened.

Camile:  Tell us, Eli.

Eli, appearing distraught:  I can’t talk about it, please.  I’ve made kino reports from the little I had.  That should help, because I was able to make a visit, to my mom, as she was dying.   I spoke with her in the hospital…

SCENE:  Flashback in hospital as Eli voice-over tells story.  Maryann Wallace lying in a bed with tubes attached, and an oxygen tube in her nose.

Eli’s voice over:  … and held her hand as she died.

Maryann Wallace:  I’m so glad you could be here, Eli.  I do wish I could see your true face one last time.

Eli:  I’m sorry, Mom, but please believe it’s me, and I’d be here in person if I could.

Maryann:  I know.  Always remember how proud I am of you, and that I love you.

Eli begins to weep:  I will, Mom.  And I love you.  I’ll miss you, but you’ll always be in my heart.

Maryann:  I know.

Maryann shutters, then gasps once with her eyes closed, and sinks further into the bed.

Eli, quietly at first, then he becomes agitated and upset, standing up:  Mom?  Mom?  Somebody!  Help!  Mom!

Eli presses the nurse’s call button, never taking his eyes off his mother or releasing her hand.  He sits down, grips her hand in both of his, leans his forehead against his hands and cries.


FADE IN to meeting room: close-up, Eli’s face, talking.

Eli:  With the Lucian Alliance causing so much destruction, I knew others could lose their loved ones also, but, after Scott asked for a visit with his son, Home Base couldn’t handle any more making visits back.

Colonel:  Scott?

Scott:  Sir?

Colonel:  Do you want to tell your story?

Scott:  I could do that, sir.  I saw Matthew when he was fourteen.  It was odd to see him so grown up…

SCENE: Flashback actions described by Scott.

Scott’s voiceover:   …after such a gap in time.  He reminded me of me at that age.  I spoke to him and his mother.  He was becoming a fine young man, and making some serious decisions for his life.  It was difficult to explain to him where I was and what I was doing, but he seemed to accept it better than his mother did all those years ago when I tried to tell her.  He was even excited.  It was hard to leave him.

Eli:  Scott, I couldn’t tell you this before, but I saw him several times when I went back for reports.

Scott:  You did?  How?

Eli:  He joined the service and got into Stargate Command.  He worked in the communication room.  He’s been waiting ever since to hear from you again.  I reported to him on how you were doing, but with this long absence…I don’t know.

Camile:  He almost died, Scott.  He was protecting the stargate from an attempted entry.  He’s disabled now, but still works in the communication room as a civilian.  He’s much older, but so sure he’ll hear from you again.  Everyone thought, after Eli’s reports stopped for so long, that all of us might have died.  We’ll have to make arrangements for you to see him once you’re back on board.

Scott:  Sounds good.  I’m looking forward to it.

Colonel:  Eli, I’d appreciate it if you could tell me all you know about what happened in those intervening years.  I’ll report it to the crew.  They don’t have to know it came from you.  And I’ll get a full report when Camile and I go back to fill them in on our situation.

Camile:  Please, Eli.  It would mean a lot coming from you.

The rest of the group all speak at once:  Yes.  Please, Eli.  We’d like to hear your point of view.

Eli, holding the kino with his many recordings made after his reports, told some things to them.

Eli’s voice over, with his past experiences flashing from scene to scene:

Eli’s voice:  The first report shocked me.  It was when the ship dropped out of FTL the first time, in the new galaxy, and the ship had to refuel in a sun.  They were expecting someone to report any time; it’d been three years.  Since there were no viable planets for supplies, I only woke Jamison so I could go back to make a report.  They were relieved when I contacted them and arrived.

It was obvious there was a war because of all the explosions I could hear.  General Telford was killed as I watched, and I was returned to my body when the one I was in was wounded.  I felt it and my shoulder was sore for a while afterwards.  The building had been repaired after what Camile and Greer experienced in the first explosion, but it was almost leveled again.  It was frightening.

I didn’t report again at the next drop out of hyperspace.  I was almost out of food and water.  I woke Scott, and Sergeants Greer and James for the first time, to go to the planet and bring back as much as possible.  They made three trips with a lot of good stuff, but time was up and the ship went into FTL again.

Since it wasn’t necessary the next time I didn’t wake them.  I came across five planets in the next two stops and they were either frozen or desert.  I finally made another report, and found that the Lucian Alliance had been defeated and the world was in the process of rebuilding.  I also learned my mother was dying, so I woke Jamison again to assist while I went back.  I exchanged places with Scott’s son.  He visited with Vanessa while I was there.  She took him to see Scott in stasis and to the observation room, but time was short and she needed to be with the stones, so I think they talked a lot.

I saw the new design of the office I was in, and was shown the surrounding city, also rebuilt.  It doesn’t look like Earth anymore.  Not the Earth or cities as we knew then.  Apparently there was a lot of influence from Ori and Ancient architecture once the war opened the people’s eyes to what was really going on in the universe.  It’s no longer a place I wish to return to.  It’d be more foreign to me than this planet we’ve stopped next to.

Scott, over the com:  I don’t know Eli.  These building are more than a little different from what we’re used to.

Eli:  Still, I no longer have a desire to go back.  And once I returned Vanessa reported having heard a lot of strange noises on the ship because everything was so quiet.  She was glad to go back into stasis with everyone, and so was I.

Brody:  Wait a minute.  How did you go into stasis?  That pod was never repaired.

Colonel:  Is that true, Eli?

Eli:  Yes, Colonel.  I immediately put Ginn and Mandy back into the computer once everyone was first put in their pods.  I was expecting to die, so I created a program for them to monitor the ship and collect information until the ship reached a stargate planet with enough food and water to supply the whole crew for a while.  They would wake those who could retrieve it.

Brody:  Then you used the Chair.

Eli, hesitantly:  Yes.  As I said, I was expecting to die, and I couldn’t think of a better way to do it than to be with Ginn.  Mandy was the one who discovered the stasis-like envelope she put over me.  I didn’t even know until they woke me the first time.  I was surprised I was alive.

Rush:  Is that why you didn’t wake us when you were supposed to?

Eli, surprised at the allegation:  No, no.  I wouldn’t do that.  My reports are all here. (holding up kino) You can review them.  I really couldn’t find enough food and water to keep the crew.  Each time I thought I might accumulate enough there wouldn’t be any good planets for a long time.  I consumed it, and not gluttonously as you can tell.  And I shared it with Vanessa, Scott, Greer and James each time I woke them to make a report or search a planet.  They’ll tell you the pickings were slim.

Colonel:  Okay, Eli.  I believe you.  Now, I’ll review your reports before I inform the crew, but I want to know when you made your last visit.

Eli:  I think that was two years ago.  It was routine.  I haven’t figured out why I wasn’t awakened when the ship stopped and we were boarded.  I should’ve been.  Ginn’s checking into it.

Colonel:  Thank you, Eli.  Now, everyone return to your duties.  I’ll call a gathering once Camile and I have reviewed Eli’s reports and we’ve made a more thorough report to Earth, after the teams return from the planet reconnaissance.  Scott, you may return to your more pressing duties.

Scott:  Yes, sir.

Volker, excitedly:  Let’s go.

Camille:  Eli, I’m so sorry about your mother.  If there’s anything…

Eli:  Camile…thank you.  That’s a very kind thought, but you lost a partner.  Maybe it was due to time, I don’t know, but you and everyone else have lost someone.  There’s nothing special about me, and I’ve had time to grieve.  You and the others haven’t.  I hope you’re okay.  (Eli hugs Camile.)

Camile:  Thank you.

SCENE:  The passage outside the meeting room.

Rush calls to the Colonel as he catches up to him:  Colonel, about that matter I brought up earlier.

Colonel:  You mean about missing something.   What could be missing?

Rush:  That the mission hasn’t been completed until the ship reaches that place we can now see out before us.  Colonel, it’s so close.  I’ve got to go.  I’ve got to get closer.

Colonel:  It might be too dangerous.  It might be meant to be observed from here.

Rush:  And how can we know that?  This whole mission has been dangerous.

Colonel:  But we were stopped here.

Rush:  Maybe this was just a way station, to get final supplies.

Colonel:  There are buildings.  It’s meant for us to stay.

Rush:  It might be meant for some to stay, yes, but not all.  Someone has got to go further.

Colonel:  Tell you what.  After we’ve finished the recon on the planet and decided if we’re going to move down there on a permanent basis, you and I will discuss this again.  I have duties now, and so do you.

Rush, as the Colonel starts to walk away:  I’ll hold you that.

Colonel, turning back as he walks away:  You won’t have to.

To be continued

Stargate Universe : New World

There are questions to be answered here.  Keep them in mind since this story isn’t finished.  I’ll need ideas to finish it.

Why wasn’t Eli awakened when the FTL stopped and they were boarded?

What does Lisa decipher from the rest of the message?

Who could be on board and why?

What caused the strange noises?  Was it just normal creaks and groans heard due to the silence on the ship or was it caused by whomever was on board?  Was he fixing something that would take some time? Or monitoring something not working well? Or is it more sinister, an ancient who didn’t want his people to go to the center of the universe to find out its secret?

Disclaimer:  I do not own the title of the series or any of the characters, other than those created herein which have not appeared in any of the series. The story is meant for entertainment, psychological/emotional closure for fans, and possibly education of non-fans as readers.  I do not wish to make any money from this publication.  I originally wrote it for my own enjoyment and am only sharing with other fans and readers who might become fans.  I do not mind if others might want to use some of the ideas for further non-profit works.  If there is any issue with this from any verifiable owner I will remove it.

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