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Video Trailer for “Horses”

"Running Horses" Sculpture

Geologic time and mass extinction events.


I was finally able to upload my video trailer for Where the Horses Run:  Mass Extinction, Book I.  Goto  Let me know if it runs smoothly and how you like it.

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Ariel’s Cottage

I published it again.

The first time it was A Price for Love: Ariel’s Cottage.  I left that one the large print and kindle editions, adding the copyright I finally got for the reprint.  Now it’s Ariel’s Cottage: A Price for Love.

It was my second book, written in forty day, edited in 60 more.  Wish I could do that again. I’ve learned more about editing as I go so that won’t take as long in the future.  Yes, I’ve become an editing freak and still miss stuff.  It sends me to those ballistic zones.  I try to fix it, but if I can’t I try to block it out and hope others are more forgiving of my errors than I am.  Mostly, I hope they can understand what I meant in spite of the error.

When we read we skip so much.  Most people don’t notice the errors.  Some look for them.  If it’s passed on kindly, without a smirk like my brother’s, I appreciate it.  I appreciated his, too, but he hasn’t gone back to read.  Not a reader, huh?

Well, there are too many of those, apparently.  I thought writers were readers.  We’re supposed to be. We probably started out that way.  But I guess it’s not the failure to read so much as the failure to pick up a book to read.

I have to read a lot on the computer.  I have what I learned is blurry eye syndrome.  Yeah, it’s got a name.  I read anyway, sometimes up close when it’s bad.  It’s a little scary when it’s bad and I have to drive somewhere.  Eye drops for my glaucoma don’t help.  One, in fact, makes it worse, for a while.

I guess if I hadn’t published I’d still be a reader and want one of those electronic gadgets.  I was gifted one and still don’t read it much.  It’s just not like holding a book and flipping the pages.  I would leave all my books to Captain Kirk in the future if I thought he might exist in some real form.  He appreciated books way after they went out of style…scary thought.  Take a breath.  Yeah, I’m okay.  He also had an eye problem and had to wear glasses due to being allergic to a miracle eye-adjustment drug.  Imagine, a drop to fix vision, but nothing to fix the allergy.  Hmmm.  Must be real, or damn good fiction.  Not everything is perfect.

I digress.  Back to the book.  It’s a romantic suspense with suggestive adult situations.  There is nothing explicit in the telling of those situations, in spite of one reader (obviously not a professional reviewer) calling it erotic after stating she couldn’t tell from the writing if the characters actually had sex or not.  Small mind; limited imagination.  If you’ve got that syndrome, don’t read any of my books.  Mickey Mouse would be more for you.  He’s simple, cute, an old-fashioned kind of guy.  He’s ears must be grey by now; probably needs a walker.

Again, I digress.

In the novel, a young woman — once a victim; now in WITSEC — has been trying to get her life together for three years, coming more out of her self-protective shell after her regression recovery, and telling all.  She’s stymied in her mental and emotional growth, so her crush on the 18-year-old college-bound hunk who cuts her grass on her country secluded acreage brings out desires she missed at seventeen when dealing with her trauma.  She begins an experiment to become more enlightened about men and especially Jerry’s affect on her.  But her risky trysts are interrupted by a puppy that brings trouble to her quiet setting.  It also brings Danny, the deputy investigating the crimes the puppy escaped from.

There is more going on around Ariel’s cottage than she realized until this event brought it out.  Her Advocate visits and meets Danny.  Risks of exposure of her true identity puts Danny on alert, but Ariel knows her situation risks hurting two men she’s come to trust and love.  She’s told her story in a novel which enlightens Danny of her true vulnerability, and strength.  He swears to protect her, but even as a law enforcement officer he can’t always be there.  Ariel disappears, possibly kidnapped…again.

The FBI becomes involved, further risking her identity becoming known.  Her fears overwhelm her and in her haste she’s wounded.  And Danny has a confrontation with a derelict agent.  But it’s Jerry’s connections putting him in the public eye as the hero who saved her which most frightens Ariel.  Her WITSEC agreement wears thin with his continuous television exposure.

Danny proves the hero we all long for, able to step past his own difficulties to stand by this special young woman he’s falling deeply for, even as he learns he could lose her to another.  He protects them both, able to control his emotional responses for her sake.  His sister tested him and he learned that hard lesson only to lose her.  He can’t risk losing Ariel, even if he can only remain her friend forever.

A shooting confrontation exposes the culprits with Danny whisking her away to his safe house. Once the dust settles there’s still the threesome.  Ariel wishes she could keep them both, but knows it could never be.  A hasty reaction to a situation makes her choice for her when a promise is broken.

Long years pass before all hearts are healed.  And a new generation continues with a more hopeful future.

The End

Try it; you might like it.  Ariel’s Cottage: A Price for Love.  Available now, a free ebook PDF download to your computer for members. Check out A Price for Love: Ariel’s Cottage.

Please, give me a review comment that makes sense and does justice to this write-up and the story.


Gardening weekly?  Really?  Try flowers for romance.  jvd

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Influence of Words

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

(First posted pm my Goodreads Blog on September 28,2012 — some editing done)

I have just added several books to my Goodreads Author’s page “read” list. Some I can no longer remember, but I know the titles and the author names. Reading such Sci-Fi/Fantasy began at a young age for me.
After my dad finished a book he handed it to me. “Try it,” he said.
When I finished I handed it back to him and asked for another. I was smitten. I was probably between twelve and fourteen. I read continually until college.  And I always remained a Star Trek fan (though not fanatic) and continually watched and hoped for good Sci-Fi TV shows or movies.  Good ones are hard to come by.
Later, when married with a small child, I bought some books, but discovered many in the library. I followed the authors. Those authors you see on my reading list do date me. Many are now gone. And not all of their books read by me are listed. It’s a very long list to look through in Listopia.
I found many authors whose names I recognized, but I can’t remember which of their books I read. Many, many titles are familiar as well, but I can’t be sure if they were read or recognizable because they are well-known.
Regardless, all have left their mark. Reading such stories opened my mind to wondrous things. It developed my imagination and made me believe in things one could only dream of. Even in my darkest moments I have a hope that keeps me going. I have to attribute that to the visions these writers’ created during an era when the bomb was expected to drop on us any day.
Writers of this genre, especially the social sci-fi/fantasy, have often been prophets whose visions have become real. Foretelling a future unimaginable by the average person is certainly the gift of a visionary. We should all be so aware and open-minded.  These writers also have some of the best book covers and titles ever.
I want to thank them, here and now, for helping to mold my mental outlook and opening my inner vision to things that might be. It’s a little frightening to think I could have been otherwise without them.

It was my dad who had the vision and imagination he passed on to me. He, also, had read such works since young. His mother, my grandmother, didn’t understand his interest in such things that can’t be real, but he and I understood. The world of tomorrow is what he reached for, and I still do.

With such influence it was only natural I would write an apocalyptic trilogy, the first book now published. A prequel is started and, hopefully, a sequel will get done eventually.  I have a lot started on my To Write list.
I envisioned a different kind of rapture, and a more hopeful end for some, with a real future. Others may not fare so well when our Earth Mother is stricken and they are caught unprepared.  And there is help for many, and a message, if heeded.  It doesn’t fit into the current socially acceptable scheme of things.
It’s a long story, and difficult to edit, but I want it to mean something for those with hope and vision.
Consider it when you choose your next read. I would be honored to be part of the galaxy such writers who influenced me continue to live in.

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Dreams with Sharp Teeth

(First appeared in my Goodreads Blog on September 26, 2012)

If you’ve seen the movie/documentary of Harlan Ellison you know this is the subtitle. The title is his name.

Harlan Ellison

Harlan Ellison (Photo credit: sjmck)

It’s very informative of the man and his life and lifestyle, but, for me, it was his reading of his work that meant the most.
While most serious sci-fi readers know the name, and his many works, it is believed (and I agree) if he stepped from that genre his works would be among the greats of the century. He is actually considered by many as one of the greatest, if not THE greatest writers of our time.
His apparent off-the-cuff spilling of words to paint a picture of a different kind is wondrous to hear from his own lips. He even does the voices. You have to listen carefully because he goes fast, and from memory. What a mind!

He wrote my favorite, and one of the top ten best, all time sci-fi stories — The City on the Edge of Forever, one of the old Star Trek series. His telling of how it was written and meant to be and how it was done is enlightening, and funny.
He has many works as books, movies and TV series, mostly sci-fi, but in his heyday, the 60s (my time also) he did a little revolutionary writing and his attitude, as most of that era, has not changed much.

The City on the Edge of Forever

The City on the Edge of Forever (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

His language can be harsh, if not a little exacterated at times, but his expression of his beliefs true. And some of what he says so mirrors me I am proof of the depth of the times, though I’m not aware of any influence by him. I enjoyed his stories, but at that time I don’t remember being aware of the man.

And you’ll love his house and his friends with him making this revealing expose, Robin Williams being one-funny oozes from his pores.
If you see it, as I believe writers should see everything they can about other writers, you will become informed of many things you weren’t aware before you didn’t know.
I give it an A+.

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