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Follow Fest 2013: Books by Judith

I’m taking part in a blog follow fest this week, which was created by a fellow author Melissa Maygrove. She’s created  this networking opportunity for authors. Check out her blog to read about her and her books!

I followed my friend, Megan Cashman, from her Follow Fest blog.  She loves vampires!  Check out her blog postings.

And here’s my Follow Fest post…

Blog button designed by Carrie Butler

Purpose: A platform building opportunity for authors and connect with others.

When: September 23rd thru 27th.

Name:  Judith Victoria Douglas

Fiction or nonfiction?  Fiction
What genres do you write? Several: Romantic suspense, historical, Contemporary social Sci-fi, Fantasy, and children’s books, both for preschool and young reader and middle grades.
Are you published?  Yes, I have self-published without creating a publisher name for myself, but there is a logo within each book.
Do you do anything in addition to writing?  Only the editing, copyediting, illustrations, cover art and photography and all things related to publishing.  I have recently become more active in the marketing aspects, which means I’m spreading out further.
Where can people connect with you?
Professional email:
It’s All About the Books! – (Latest post – Freebies for the Weekend)
Writing and Items of Interest, some announcements –
Reblogged Items about writing or other items of interest, sometimes announcements:
Author pages:
    B&N – they haven’t posted all of my books yet
Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Yes, my latest children’s book, The Carousel Pony, will be available late October.  I am presently working on my next novel, One Unicorn Wish, a fantasy for the inner child in everyone, so it can be read to your kids.  And I am actively looking for readers to add reviews and reviewers who have established a policy, and both will take a PDF.  I haven’t figured out the mobi. conversion yet.  And I don’t have a clue what a beta is.
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The Inspiration of a Picture

You’ve probably seen pictures — either a painting, sketch or photograph — that reminds you of something you’ve read, like this one reminded me of Robert Frost.  Here is the beginning of the poem, the one I live by, the picture brought to mind.

wood path

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,

And sorry I could not travel both

Being one traveler, long I stood

And looked down one as far as I could

To where it bent in the undergrowth;

I’m not sure if there are two paths, and it isn’t a yellow wood, yet it reminded me of the poem.

You have probably know of contests with a word(s) or picture as a prompt.  Writer’s Digest uses them monthly and they are good to keep the old creative juices flowing. There is one that posts on Facebook.  I’ve shared it on my new book promotion site at Novels, Novellas, Ebooks & Children’s Literature.

Occasionally there are the rare instances when I come across a beautiful photograph on my tumblr site, Menagerie, that inspires.  Don’t get me wrong, I come across such beautiful pictures all the time on that site.  It’s apparently best suited for them.  Great colorful renditions of birds, up close or in flight, breathtaking landscapes and great vistas that make me stop to catch my breath.  The ones I’m talking about have something unique, something that sparks the creator inside and brings out words, a few or many, in a way I don’t often express.  It may not be first-class, but it’s mine.  My heart was touched.  And it’s from the soul…the spirit of empathy and love that shares the moment transforming the vision I see.  From the picture or photograph’s two-dimensional state it again becomes alive in my mind’s eye.  I can envision the very moment the artist or photographer’s action froze it in time.

If it hasn’t happened to you yet it may be something to try, or at least, be aware of so when the moment comes with the right picture you will recognize it and allow it to flow.

Here are a few photos with my inspired words I’d like to share.  When looking back for them I realized last October was a rather prolific month for me (and I’d thought I wasn’t writing during that time).  Where available I’ve given the photographer, or at least the contact from which the picture came.   I’m sorry they can’t be larger for the full affect of their inspiration, especially the one with the night sky filled with stars:

Kitten listening to music

coolcatmatt:   via Inhabitude.

And the kitten sat there long moments, poised in the stillness of its straight posture, looking up, frozen by the rapture of the boy’s musical tones, tapping heel, moving fingers and slightly swaying head.  His eyes were closed, but hers were not.  She could see it all and it was magic, she was sure of it, because she could not move nor utter a sound to disturb it.

White Wolf

wild-earth:  Lakota Wolves

It was soft, coming from afar.  He listened intently, knowing the call of his mate, how he missed her.  There, her tiny silhouette, posed singing her lonesome song to the first morning rays streaking the grey sky.  He knew only one thing to do until they could be together again.  He gathered his voice.  He would sing his longing to break the distance between them.  She would hear, her loneliness abated.  He would travel on, the lack of sustenance for their pups kept to himself until they met.  Maybe he would yet be successful.

stars in the night sky


Empty chairs and empty cares

My concern o’er trifles gone.

No longer will I worry for

The heart without a song.

Ended then or ended now

It matters not to me

For heaven is a hallow place

A gaze my eyes can see.

branches as a church window

(this photographer was very happy the photo inspired a short poem)

Church Window

Peering through the darkness, a wonder I did see

But nature’s own cathedral peering back at me.

Park bench

When hearts are distant and unforgiving

Anguish lurks the soul

For none can hurt so deeply as a heart

Grown hard and cold.

There are occasionally those photographs that are just a beauty to behold and no words can describe.


blacksheepboy-:   (by AcuraZine Dan)

For some vistas there can be no words, just sighs…and sometimes, tears


via Inhabitude

Some pictures are art and worthy of a long look because of the connection to life they give us.

In the rare moment a picture might not let you go.  It will keep you until some part of the story it illicits is complete.  The portion below for the cottage with the blue slate roof is a slightly edited version of what I wrote initially, but I have been given a wonderful gift and this is the inspiration to compliment it.  I found a photograph I wanted to use for a book cover picture, but after contacting the photographer I decided on another.  Once the photographer and I communicated I was given the use of the photograph for a book cover for the small price of 3-4 copies of the book. I won’t post that photograph until it’s a book cover, so suffice it to say, and for you to keep in mind, its a beautiful little girl kissing the muzzle of her white horse.

Now for a story…

I remembered this posted on my tumblr site with the idea of a story, and just the kind I wanted to tell.  It might take a while to complete, but the seed from last October will bear fruit sometime this year.  It’s an opportunity I can’t allow to pass for too long.  Immediately upon reading the paragraphs I’d posted it began to grow.

Cottage with blue slate roof

woodendreams:    (by Owen O’Grady)

There was the stone house at the turn in the road.  Its slate roof so blue it stood out against the greenery of the forest trying to hide it.  Ivy caressed its outer walls and the ends of dusty curtains fluttered outside over the window ledge.

A path lead to the big pond, an open expand of clear crystal-blue hidden in a surround of thick trees and undergrowth.  It felt the same secret magical place I visited as a child.  A whiff of granny’s biscuits, pies and cookies filled the air.  She loved to bake for us.  And we loved devouring all her goodies.  She’d laugh, thrilled to watch us as much as we enjoyed eating. We were allowed to break all the etiquette rules there, using our fingers, stuffing the great chunks of wild apple, grapes and berries from the pies into our overstuffed mouths, giggling.  It was so much fun.  Yeah, those were the days.  I have always cherished time spent in that magical forest, especially after I saw…well, what I saw I now doubt could be true, but it has to be.  It just has to be.

It was like a tiny white fawn, no bigger than a minute.  It looked like a fawn, barely creeping through the forest floor on its stilt-like legs.  When it saw me its eyes got…just…so big.  I wanted desperately to touch it.  It didn’t look real…almost iridescent against the shadows.  Turning it scampered the best it could.  I followed, Indian-like, and hid when I saw it duck into the undergrowth between some trees.  It was still panting, its tiny sides puffing in and out from fear and its struggle, when its mama stepped up to check.  She wasn’t big enough to be a doe, and all white.  But her horn told me something was there that wasn’t supposed to be there.  It was a unicorn, sure as I’m standing here telling you.  A real live unicorn.  Beautiful.  Last thing I remember was it turning to look at me.  When I woke up it was gone, but all the signs showed it’d been there.  I won’t ever forget. ***

Now, this is to become a story of magic and unicorns who can make little girls’ wishes come true.  The great gift of the cover photograph will be honored with a story of wonder to delight the photographer’s niece who modeled for it.  Sometimes photographs can inspire more than a few words, but a new world where other life is born.  We are gods, we creators of visions through words and pictures.  And we should feel the awesomeness of the task as the gift it was meant to be.

Well, there you have it.  Pictures of inspiration.  If you visit my Menagerie site, once it’s pulled up look at the address bar and change the page number to 755.  It should get you in the vicinity of these postings.  You may have to “go forth” or “wander back” to find them, but it’d only be within a few pages.  As I add to page one the number of the page they’re on will change.  I hope you enjoy them in that setting and full size most flattering to their beauty and inspirational value.

The multitudes of wannabes and fly by nights we have in the publishing fields at this time will find a niche or vanish.  We creators will remain finally unmolested by those who find our field fascinating and lucrative.  We can survive this onslaught, this invasion of our territory, our well known lands, if we keep at the craft.  Then creators we must be and something else — writers, the real writers who can be called Author.  It should humble us, but the pride we feel deep inside for being good at what we do will give us the glow to keep that soul in us alive that finds wonder in a photograph, inspiring us with a picture.

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Concept Video Shows The Book Of The Future

You should look at this and then look up more things about the changes coming, especially if you’re an author or have great aspirations to become one someday.  If it doesn’t play correctly go to this page for it:

After watching it I began wondering how such a book would be written by an author.  Maybe they’ll make a special program for that, like some of the author/writing programs available.  It could be interesting.  And the future should be filled with  more readers because more and more people are loving their gadgets.

Sorry I’ve been away.  I’ve been working on several books at once.  That’s how I do it.  When something can’t move forward on one, I go to the next.  I’m focusing on my anthology because my writer’s club is publishing theirs and it has several of my short stories in it.  Since they’re not doing a copyright and I want to, I’ll have that part done by the time their book comes out.  Mine will follow soon after…next month sometime.  I’ll post it.

I finished my granddaughter’s book, but all kinds of technological problems have haunted me about it.  I keep wanting to blog about what I’ve learned, and will soon, when I get a minute after its finally completed.

I have four proofs I’ve reviewing and an old story I wast editing for the anthology, but it will be a novella…too long for a short story.  Another to miss the anthology pages is one I wrote in a day.  It needs a couple of more chapters or parts.  It’s for middle grade readers so I want it a little longer.  I have another for my granddaughter, but the illustrations are still figments of my imagination at the moment.

It’s the same old problem I wrote about last time.  I can’t finish one because another idea pops up.  The story I most want to write is waiting in the wings for me to finish the ones with less to do for a finish.

Oh, but I finally found myself on the Library of Congress list – one out of three copyrighted books.  It must take a long time to get those things cataloged.

Well, I did spend the day posting everything that came my way and a few I looked on the meteor in Russia today on my tumblr site~Menagerie.  And I listened to the comments on the other “big” asteroid that did a flyby.  It was a spacey day for sure.  And not one of my family or friends on FB “liked” any of the postings I also put on my FB page about it.  Very disheartening.

I did find this tidbit on the books of the future.  What an interesting future it will be.  We’ll just got to step lively through the muck on the way to tomorrow.  Hope I’m up to it.  I have a lot of editing to do.  Did you ever notice that edit is a four letter word?

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Latest Interview

I have to add that Megan has focused on A Price of Love: Ariel’s Cottage, which is the large print and ebook edition of the book Ariel’s Cottage.  So, the book is available in three formats to fit your taste.

Megan says it’s a New Adult story, which is true, but the genre is not well know yet, so think of it as Young Adult – 16 years and up, but be aware it contains adult situations.

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A Great Article for Self-Publishers

Digital Self Publishing

Derek Haines has a wonderful article here titled “In Defence of the Self Published Author.”

If you have a biased opinion, or think your family member or friend is unsuccessful because they are Indie Authors, read this article.I appreciate someone putting into words some of the things I have experienced.  It doesn’t matter how often I say it to those I think should care, I continue to get the impression no one is listening.

Digital Self Publishing

Digital Self Publishing

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Influence of Words

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

(First posted pm my Goodreads Blog on September 28,2012 — some editing done)

I have just added several books to my Goodreads Author’s page “read” list. Some I can no longer remember, but I know the titles and the author names. Reading such Sci-Fi/Fantasy began at a young age for me.
After my dad finished a book he handed it to me. “Try it,” he said.
When I finished I handed it back to him and asked for another. I was smitten. I was probably between twelve and fourteen. I read continually until college.  And I always remained a Star Trek fan (though not fanatic) and continually watched and hoped for good Sci-Fi TV shows or movies.  Good ones are hard to come by.
Later, when married with a small child, I bought some books, but discovered many in the library. I followed the authors. Those authors you see on my reading list do date me. Many are now gone. And not all of their books read by me are listed. It’s a very long list to look through in Listopia.
I found many authors whose names I recognized, but I can’t remember which of their books I read. Many, many titles are familiar as well, but I can’t be sure if they were read or recognizable because they are well-known.
Regardless, all have left their mark. Reading such stories opened my mind to wondrous things. It developed my imagination and made me believe in things one could only dream of. Even in my darkest moments I have a hope that keeps me going. I have to attribute that to the visions these writers’ created during an era when the bomb was expected to drop on us any day.
Writers of this genre, especially the social sci-fi/fantasy, have often been prophets whose visions have become real. Foretelling a future unimaginable by the average person is certainly the gift of a visionary. We should all be so aware and open-minded.  These writers also have some of the best book covers and titles ever.
I want to thank them, here and now, for helping to mold my mental outlook and opening my inner vision to things that might be. It’s a little frightening to think I could have been otherwise without them.

It was my dad who had the vision and imagination he passed on to me. He, also, had read such works since young. His mother, my grandmother, didn’t understand his interest in such things that can’t be real, but he and I understood. The world of tomorrow is what he reached for, and I still do.

With such influence it was only natural I would write an apocalyptic trilogy, the first book now published. A prequel is started and, hopefully, a sequel will get done eventually.  I have a lot started on my To Write list.
I envisioned a different kind of rapture, and a more hopeful end for some, with a real future. Others may not fare so well when our Earth Mother is stricken and they are caught unprepared.  And there is help for many, and a message, if heeded.  It doesn’t fit into the current socially acceptable scheme of things.
It’s a long story, and difficult to edit, but I want it to mean something for those with hope and vision.
Consider it when you choose your next read. I would be honored to be part of the galaxy such writers who influenced me continue to live in.

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