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Thoughts for Earth Day 2015

Last night I lay in bed thinking, finally going to sleep with these thoughts.  I think them appropriate for the day we are celebrating today.

The Inuits (Eskimos) say the Earth has tilted, but the Earth is always at a tilt. That tilt also spins (wobbles), like a spinning top as it slows down, so the tilt could be facing a new direction, and soon a new North Star. But the Earth also circles the Sun, which is really a misnomer because it really doesn’t make a circle since the Sun is also traveling as it “circles” the center of the galaxy. (  So our Earth really spirals around the Sun, as do the other planets, as our Sun travels through alternately dense and clear portions of space – supernova and dark matter. Dense could mean “hot” since particles closely aligned working to create something new could be very hot. We may not be completely at fault for our weather changes. There’s a lot to consider, even the history of what has happened on our planet in the past – the loss of a high civilization to rival our own. There is so much we don’t know, but are only just getting hints about. Knowledge is opening up to us quicker than we can absorb it all. The one thing for sure is that we are a contributing factor to all our current situations, and to change that we have to change our way of living.

Those in charge really don’t want that, but without change we are doomed. Maybe that’s what they want, but if you are like me, I don’t want it. I can’t accept our end when we are only beginning to become who we are meant to be. And the changes we are experiencing are (and will be) both gradual and abrupt. Watch societies as they demand change. Watch nature as it changes – volcanos, earthquakes, seasons, storms and, most of all, time and dimensions as the fractals expand. Consider you own situation and that inner something that says things aren’t right and you need to do something about it. Think about it. Consider your possibilities before something else changes things for you.

Even with all the HAARP grids being built, geoengeineering, and chemtrails being released, it will be Mother Nature who will call the shots. It doesn’t matter how many bullets are released and how many are killed. We may count them the lucky ones when whatever torque is working on our planet now is unleashed in all its fury. Be prepared. PTSD will set in; shock will make you stand and stare until you understand what you see, a changed landscape no doubt, but how long will it take to accept it? Can you survive it? Many won’t, and again, we may count them the lucky ones because life will be very difficult for a long while, at minimum a year, but more likely, many years. Just think about it.

Even if Revelations in the Bible was written by Satan himself to tell what will come, in the end the bad guys lose. Maybe some of us stop them, maybe Mother Nature steps in, but regardless of how it occurs, they are doomed and they know it. That’s why they want to take as many of us with them as they can. Misery loves company, but we have to be stronger than that. Look them in the eye and say “NO!” – a resounding “NO!” Don’t follow their path. Don’t let them suck you in or mind manipulate you or deceive you with false promises. Even alone you are stronger than all of them. Don’t let them fool you. Don’t let them instill fear in your heart or you are lost. Yes, many strange things will happen we may not initially comprehend, but if your heart is true, you will survive, in this life or the next. You are part of the collective consciousness after all, and in that, as we think more and more alike in our aims, it will come true. Thoughts have power, even Solomon knew that.

None need be lost, except to this life, but then only on good terms, not evil ones. Remember all the stories where the good guys win. We’re the good guys. We have to be. We have to win! Eventually the Earth will settle and take care of us, so we must always remember, and take care of her because she will awaken a new being just as we will. And those who are reborn will remember us, and life will be glorious and abundant as we have learned through chaos to love and care for one another. We are all one. We have to stand together for we will surely perish alone.

Have a Happy Earth Day and make this one count!

Judith Victoria Douglas

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