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FREE in Celebration of the Horse

In celebration of yesterday’s National Day of the Horse.
IF there is a good number interested then Book II will be available soon.


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Follow Fest 2013: Books by Judith

I’m taking part in a blog follow fest this week, which was created by a fellow author Melissa Maygrove. She’s created  this networking opportunity for authors. Check out her blog to read about her and her books!

I followed my friend, Megan Cashman, from her Follow Fest blog.  She loves vampires!  Check out her blog postings.

And here’s my Follow Fest post…

Blog button designed by Carrie Butler

Purpose: A platform building opportunity for authors and connect with others.

When: September 23rd thru 27th.

Name:  Judith Victoria Douglas

Fiction or nonfiction?  Fiction
What genres do you write? Several: Romantic suspense, historical, Contemporary social Sci-fi, Fantasy, and children’s books, both for preschool and young reader and middle grades.
Are you published?  Yes, I have self-published without creating a publisher name for myself, but there is a logo within each book.
Do you do anything in addition to writing?  Only the editing, copyediting, illustrations, cover art and photography and all things related to publishing.  I have recently become more active in the marketing aspects, which means I’m spreading out further.
Where can people connect with you?
Professional email:
It’s All About the Books! – (Latest post – Freebies for the Weekend)
Writing and Items of Interest, some announcements –
Reblogged Items about writing or other items of interest, sometimes announcements:
Author pages:
    B&N – they haven’t posted all of my books yet
Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Yes, my latest children’s book, The Carousel Pony, will be available late October.  I am presently working on my next novel, One Unicorn Wish, a fantasy for the inner child in everyone, so it can be read to your kids.  And I am actively looking for readers to add reviews and reviewers who have established a policy, and both will take a PDF.  I haven’t figured out the mobi. conversion yet.  And I don’t have a clue what a beta is.
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Three Editions~Same Story~New Covers

The same suspense-filled romance will be reposted on Amazon and other sites with new covers this week ~ Ariel’s Cottage, the book, and A Price for Love, the Large Print book and Kindle editions.

While I loved the other cover I found too many covers made from the same CreateSpace template and thought a change would help show more clearly what the story contains.  I wanted Ariel’s Cottage to reflect the romance, the beautiful setting where all the trouble in Ariel’s life occurred around her cottage.  For A Price for Love I wanted the investigative side of the story to show.

Each title has its own cover because of the particulars in the order of their publication.  They are original designs not initially used, but after all the work they do represent the story much better.  I tried a couple in a field, standing together or holding hands, but it just didn’t do it for me.  I tried more provocative poses, but couldn’t make them work either.

If you like them or hate them, I’d really like to know.  This is a big step, but I’d love fans’ opinions.  I have one other choice for Ariel’s Cottage similar to the one used but with the magnifying glass showing something of interest under the lean-to of her single garage, changing the landscape a bit.  If I thought you’d vote, I’d post it.  Give me a clue to your interest (or not).

Read a synopsis at the  site for Ask David HERE.  The Amazon sites are: for Ariel’s Cottage and for A Price for Love where the Kindle is also posted.  Click on the picture to see it enlarged and read the back covers (which say the same thing (same story).

A'SC caps
New PfL Full

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Twisted Vine: An Anthology

This is the Amazon address for the Kindle version of my anthology, Twisted Vine.  It has the Look Inside benefit of seeing some of what you would be getting.  It’s only $2.99 and available through the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library.  Check it out.

The book version is also available now ~ only $12.00 list, but Amazon is presently selling it for $11.40.  It doesn’t yet have the Look Inside benefit, but will soon.  You can find it here:

As an anthology Twisted Vine is a genre assortment of my poems and short stories, a menagerie of tales spun for your enjoyment.  While time is a theme, a twist in time conflicts a few.  Some appear in my published and yet-to-be published novels and are here as stand-alone excerpts.  These include stories with Celtic backgrounds and of Native Americans.  Many are here for the first time.  Skim through the Contents, review the Introduction and learn how a variety can interest you.

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How One Thing Leads To Another for a trilogy or series can be tough. For my trilogy every book is titled Where the Horses Run, but with Book I, II, & III noted, and each having their own subtitle–Mass Extinction, Sacred Hills and Ciphers. Since I started it that way, I’ve kept it and only refer to it as the Horses trilogy (H1, H2 & H3), though it’s definitely about more than the vanishing horses. And it’s certainly about more than Elle, the main character, though she’s set up as the books’ writer basing it on her journal notes. It’s been years in the making and a very complex work to keep track of. Hope I never do it again.

To make it more complicated it has a prequel with a totally different name, because it can be a read-alone book. There were parts of the book with past-history back story that had to go somewhere, right? I do have a sequel planned with a different title and, like the prequel, only to be listed as the sequel. I’ll try to make it a read-alone also though it will have some the same characters.  Anyone reading H3 will wonder what the world is like after….so one last story, a thriller with Tommy as MC.

Then there’s the spin-offs. Could I make it any more complicated for myself?  The first is with all the Native American parts of the Horses trilogy put into a separate book from their points of view–tricky work. I was told it was the best part of the Horses stories and should have its own book, so I’m polishing it now as I also do my semi-final edit on Book II — quite a challenge.

The other spin-off is a children’s series, each subtitled The Secrets of Meshyah’s World, but with different titles to each. After the same title on three with similar covers, I liked doing it this way better.  I only have the first out, so far–Tree & Sky.  But  the real Horses series spin-off — of how everything gets set up in Meshyah’s World — is yet  another book. It’s actually the book Meshyah’s story comes from and leads to. You see there will be a journal sent back in time from Meshyah’s World (set in a very different future) to the world of the Horses series and found by secondary Horses series characters who will then be major characters in the new book.  Did you get that?  Hope so.  It’s really been fun to write. And since this involves current Native Americans and the reservation, I have another children’s story  that occurs in the same time period and is affected by the things that happen in the world as they are told in Where the Horses Run.

When I have a character, or characters, whom I like I want to develop them further. Writing them in new stories helped with the character(s) development as I wrote them in the Horses series.  When the write-up sounds good enough, they become new book ideas…spin-offs.

They have all been fun to start, set up, make bookcovers for, and get copyrights on, but if you don’t think having a city’s worth of characters over a span of hundreds of years in your head is easy to keep track of, think again.

You know, I actually only have two books, and two children’s books planned (plus one already done with no distribution plans to date) that are not connected to this first trilogy. Amazing how one idea leads to another. It makes being a writer lots of fun and very interesting, even when it’s hard work and a bit (Did I really say ‘a bit’?) mind boggling.


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The Coveted ‘Liebster’ Award


I’ve been nominated by Billy Ray Chitwood for the coveted LIEBSTER AWARD. It may be questionable, or even dubious, for some, but I kinda like the idea.  You can find out about this information trivia from my friend, Billy, at Visit his site and read some his posts. I’m expecting you to enjoy them as I have. You’ll notice on this blog of mine that he’s the blogger most often listed as one I follow.
Here are the rules for acceptance of the “LIEBSTER AWARD.” This is important because at the end I will be nominating eleven blogs for this coveted award.
The Rules:
1) When you receive the award you must post eleven random facts about yourself; 2) you must answer eleven questions posed by the person who nominated you; 3) you pass the award on to the eleven blogger friends you are nominating, making sure you notify them of their nominations; 4) you write up eleven new questions for the bloggers you are nominating (and you cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you); and finally, 5) you paste the award picture into your blog along with eleven random facts about yourself and your eleven questions and answers given by your nominator. (Not much different from the Next Big Thing)
Eleven random facts about Judith Victoria Douglas:
1. Judith Victoria Douglas is my pseudonym, but my first name really is Judith.
2. I have a daughter about to turn 40 years old.  Don’t even ask how that makes me feel.
3. My driver’s license states I’m 5’5″, but I’m really only 5’3 1/2″ — a discrepancy I never bothered to change. We do shrink as we age, don’t we?
4. If I ate shell fish, like shrimp or lobster or crab, I’d probably die before the swelling went down enough to allow me to breath again, unless a tracheotomy was completed before things went critical.  But, then, there would still be the problem of my other organs failing, like my heart squeezed by the blotting.  Not pretty.
5. I survived Catholic School, from 2nd grade to high school graduation, and got a lousy education, a rebellious attitude and distain for blind, religious fanaticism in the process.
6. My biggest “pet peeve” is a liar, but a good embellishment of facts for a story is allowable.
7. I played the snare drum in an all-girl drum and bugle corps in high school.
8. I never went through the initiation process for my sorority in college. Therefore, I’m not really a member.
9. I am a lifetime member of Psi Chi, the national honor society for Psychology.
10. I taught upper level psychology classes at a private university for a year, then it was purchased by the Texas A&M system and we all lost our jobs, except the President who was near retirement and allowed to teach again until she did.
11. I used to ride big horses over high fences and still would if I could.  I would literally eat, sleep and breath horses if I had a choice, and someone else did all the work to care for them — at my direction, of course.
My eleven questions from Billy:
1. Your favorite Actor or Actress?  If I HAD to pick one, it would have to be anyone currently playing the Dr. Who character in that series. They have all been very good, though each as different as night and day. Proves how diverse one personality can be.
2. Your least liked chore? Shopping, believe it or not.
3. Your favorite book genre? Science fiction/fantasy, but a good book can be any genre (as, a good horse can be any color).
4. Your favorite type of music? Music depends on mood, but anything with a good rhythm will make me smile. And then there’s Wagner…
5. Your favorite movie?  If there’s ever a good movie, not based on real life or a good book, that follows through and gives me a good ending, in particular a surprise ending, it would be my favorite.  So far, Sixth Sense comes the closest for the surprise ending; Melancholia for the amazing ending.
6. Your least favorite movie? Any movie you’d term a dud, which is most.  There are really too many to decide from.
7. Mayonnaise or Salad Dressing? Mayo, when appropriate, otherwise mustard all the way.
8. Favorite beverage? In hot weather, iced tea with lemon; in cold weather, hot tea with lemon (or cocoa, if I’m needing chocolate.)
9. Favorite meat? Crispy bacon. without a doubt; with sliced turkey, even better.
10. Favorite vegetable? Avocado, alone, smashed and seasoned with chips, or sliced in a salad or on that bacon and turkey sandwich.  Hmmm.
11. Favorite author of all time?  J.R.R. Tolkien, of course.
Now my eleven questions for my nominees:
1. If there was one person — real, fiction or fantasy — you could spend some time talking with, who would it be?
2. If you could change anything about yourself, physical, mental, emotional, heritage-wise, anything, what would it be?
3. What animal, fish or bird, living or extinct, would you like to know more about, up close and personal, maybe even as a pet?
4. If you could choose your last meal, and you weren’t in prison at the time, what would it be?
5. If English is your primary language, but you could instantly be fluent in another, what would it be?
6. Where in the universe, if not this planet, would you live if you had a choice and it was actually feasible?
7. What object, place or thing do you equate with your favorite color, and why? Please state your favorite color so your reasoning will be clear to your readers.
8. What movie would you have liked to play a part, even a minor part if the top slot was taken by your favorite actor/actress.  Name your favorite actor/actress so your readers will be clear on this, as well.
9. What book do you wish you had written?  Include why you picked this particular book.
10. What scientific or social (not political or religious) endeavor or event would most benefit mankind at this moment in time?  If you say a Space-Alien Invasion, please explain why.
11. How would you explain to a blind person the difference between God and Santa Claus, if both were standing in front of you? This is like The Elephant and the Six Blind Men, but its only you telling one person the difference between the two.

Now, take this Liebster Award as an opportunity to make yourself known on the net a little better as an individual and author.  It may be a dubious way to accomplish this, but no worse than any others I’ve received and passed on.  If you find it questionable, let Billy know and he can pass it backward in this case, since I am passing it forward. It’s taken some thought to finish this up, so don’t let it bother you if it takes you a little time to put your thoughts together.  Consider it a writing exercise, but about yourself rather than your characters.  Have fun with it and keep it going. Should you need to send your dubious remarks back to Billy, be assured; I know he’s a nice guy and won’t mind a little levity. If you want to read some really funny stuff, follow these award links backward and read some of the questions and answers, and the unknown facts. I found it fun. Here are the two before Billy.  They’re “over the pond” and that sense of humor is always worth losing your breath from laughter.  I didn’t link them on purpose; you’ll have to copy and past if you’re really interested, or curious. – he’s from a small town NE of England, which puts him somewhere in the Atlantic
Here are my nominees for the Liebster Award:
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Another review for Ariel’s Cottage (won’t find)

BookCover4AsC  GO HERE, it’s the second review listed.

Here is the newest review for Ariel’s Cottage.  I’m very excited about it because someone who normally doesn’t read this type of story really liked it.  That alone says a lot about how good a read it is.  I wish more would consider it.

Also available in Kindle as A Price for Love: Ariel’s Cottage.

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New Interview

Find a recent interview and another book review at



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The Latest Review on TREE & SKY: The Secrets of Meshyah’s World

This is another very good review on my children’s book.

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Video Trailer for “Horses”

"Running Horses" Sculpture

Geologic time and mass extinction events.


I was finally able to upload my video trailer for Where the Horses Run:  Mass Extinction, Book I.  Goto  Let me know if it runs smoothly and how you like it.

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