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5 Book Review Rules Which Could Make Writers Hate You Less


Book reviews are the cod liver oil of the writing world. Writers need them, and they can do an awful lot of good, but they can also leave an incredibly nasty taste in the mouth.

You can’t switch on the Internet these days without seeing an author giving out about book reviews and how unfair/mean/reprehensible/soul-destroying they are.

Read the entire blog here.   cat

This is a timely blog post I want to share.  It’s about the rules for writing reviews.  It lumps the troll reviews in with negative reviews, which is fine in this context since it is specific on what is not allowed.

I’m not sure about the reviews written by friends.  I haven’t experienced a personally known friend who was willing to do a review, but I don’t ask.  I do have acquaintances, through social media connections, cat-fish bowlwho are willing to review for a free copy.  Sometimes we exchange copies.  It’s usually a matter of authors supporting authors, especially Indie authors who get no respect or consideration outside their circles.

I have added my own cats expressing their ideas of how readers, writers and reviewers often see this situation.

As they say here in East Texas… Have a blessed day.

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Reblog: Laws of the (Amazon) Jungle – 8 Rules Authors Need to Know to Stay Safe

With all the bullying going on, the investigations might be starting.  Everyone is getting tired of putting up with comments vs true reviews, especially nasty ones with or without personal attacks.

This is information that even readers should know.  I wish I’d known it when I was only reading and not yet an author.  I would have posted more positive reviews and voted for the good ones and against the obvious troll ones.  But understanding the system is only the beginning.

There is good advice here, with helpful links.  I found it through my review of StoptheGoodreadsBullies site from a Tweet I received.  So, word is getting around.  Next is awareness for more in the business and the general public.

Bullies are not our kind of people and I keep hoping that search for another planet is just to find a place where they can be relocated and turn on each other.  That would be fair.

Addendum:  Just found this on Twitter about how Amazon was founded.

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Sharing Others’ Experiences #3 ~ About GRs

I originally had this as a draft dated September 2013 on my Blogspot site.  I was reluctant to post it there because I’d found the link on my stats page that lead back to the “Goodreads’ Secret Group” or whatever the exact title was.  I’ve forgotten.  When I found it I knew all they did was aimed at me personally.  This secret group cover page was of an ugly man with a sinister laughing face stretching his arm toward the camera to emphasize his obscene gesture.

The connection did lead me to its managers, as I investigated further, one of which quickly disappeared.  But the link disappeared.  I’m sorry I couldn’t save it first.

This may be an “old” post, but not that old.  It’s still relevant to what I experienced in the past week.  I only think it has slowed for me because I’ve kept digging and watching.  I changed my Goodreads and Amazon page write-ups, being told I was brave.  I’ve reported to GR on numerous items.  The mess up with my covers and titles is straightened out. One no-star review had a lot of its irrelivant content removed, though a small part was added as a comment.  And I discovered a private no-star that I reported…very interesting item to find.

Anyway, be awaken by Nathan’s comments, observations and advise.  It’s a good recounting of the everyday world for authors on Goodreads.  His is also a very good site for other great connections for authors.

Screen Shot 2013-09-01 at 12.04.22 PM

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Where are we now?

I read a post with thought-provoking questions.  I posted a link and my own comments on my Blogspot site:  If you are so inclined, it would behoove you to read it over.  The Times They Are A’changin’ was a popular song for our last revolution, but it didn’t last and the changes were superficial.  The problems have grown into what we have today,  I give you food for thought.  Don’t starve because you don’t feel hungry.  You will.

NSA (1971) ... NSA reveals its OWN embarrassin...

NSA reveals its OWN embarrassing secrets (14 June 2013)

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Good Advice for Writers on Goodreads

Goodreads Avatar


Here again I’m reblogging something of interest to writers and readers alike.  Any writer who is part of Goodreads would do well to consider the articles at this site.  I have posted them on my other blog again, as that is my reblog site.  Let me know if you have your own experiences to add.

Alachia GoodReads

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