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NEW Long-Awaited Release


I know you will be thankful for this.  I certainly am.  I’ve been waiting all day for them to be posted on Amazon.

You know all those blogs posts I haven’t been writing?  Well, you get this instead.  This is what I’ve been doing every minute I wasn’t asleep.  Writing books is my first priority and when it flows I don’t interrupt the muse except for absolute necessities (yes, some social media is, unfortunately, an absolute for authors).  So don’t think about visiting me right now.  Give me a couple of weeks.

Here it is, the fantasy for the inner child in every grownup.  Young Adults, New Adults and every other adult of any age thereafter will  enjoy this one, along with those dedicated older readers who are savvy about words (or don’t mind using a dictionary) and love to read.

ONE UNICORN WISH is now available through the publisher at The price is $17.00.  Visit the ebook store page and LIKE it so it will pop up on Facebook.  If you purchase through them it will post an announcement on your Facebook page so all your friends will know.

Also visit its Amazon page (no LOOK INSIDE yet) –   It’s already at a reduced price, but see the posting below for another Amazon discount (its on the Amazon book page).

If you prefer Kindle (it  has the LOOK INSIDE with Prologue and first six chapters!). The regular price is $5.99, BUT for this weekend only, Friday, November 29 to Monday, December 2, it will be free.  

I hope to get a few reviews from the downloads, but…well…I know people.  I’m too often disappointed.  It would be especially nice if this novel brings about a change. Please consider it. It’s a form of word-of-mouth that helps get the message about it out there.

And illustrators, I’d love to see some of your pictures. I’ll post them on this blog about the images readers have imagined of the characters, places and events. It would be a lot of fun and a great pleasure for me.

I hope everyone enjoys reading this novel as much as I enjoyed writing it. Happy Reading!


FROM AMAZON PAGE FOR BOOK – How to get this has a connective link on the page.

Special Offers and Product Promotions

  • Take an extra 30% off any book offered by from now until December 1st. Enter code BOOKDEAL at checkout.  Restrictions apply (I don’t know what those are). (Excludes Kindle eBooks and Audible audiobooks.)


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Newest Release


Best Final Pony copy

The Carousel Pony is now published.  It is immediately available from the publisher –  Check it out there.

Because it’s a children’s book and not the standard size it won’t be available through bookstores or other online retailers, other than those connected to Amazon.  It’s expected to be available on their site by the weekend.  It does not have an e-book equivalent.  It will have a glossy cover.

This is a story to be read to pre-schoolers and young readers.  By third grade children may be able to master it themselves.

Last Pony Back

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Three Editions~Same Story~New Covers

The same suspense-filled romance will be reposted on Amazon and other sites with new covers this week ~ Ariel’s Cottage, the book, and A Price for Love, the Large Print book and Kindle editions.

While I loved the other cover I found too many covers made from the same CreateSpace template and thought a change would help show more clearly what the story contains.  I wanted Ariel’s Cottage to reflect the romance, the beautiful setting where all the trouble in Ariel’s life occurred around her cottage.  For A Price for Love I wanted the investigative side of the story to show.

Each title has its own cover because of the particulars in the order of their publication.  They are original designs not initially used, but after all the work they do represent the story much better.  I tried a couple in a field, standing together or holding hands, but it just didn’t do it for me.  I tried more provocative poses, but couldn’t make them work either.

If you like them or hate them, I’d really like to know.  This is a big step, but I’d love fans’ opinions.  I have one other choice for Ariel’s Cottage similar to the one used but with the magnifying glass showing something of interest under the lean-to of her single garage, changing the landscape a bit.  If I thought you’d vote, I’d post it.  Give me a clue to your interest (or not).

Read a synopsis at the  site for Ask David HERE.  The Amazon sites are: for Ariel’s Cottage and for A Price for Love where the Kindle is also posted.  Click on the picture to see it enlarged and read the back covers (which say the same thing (same story).

A'SC caps
New PfL Full

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Two Novellas Just Released in Kindle

With all the changes in publishing it really behooves the writer to have all their works available in at least one ebook form.  While Painted Tree: Two Novellas is available in a Kindle edition for only $3.99, I have decided to release the two novellas as separate Kindle editions.  A historical crime and recovery duo set in the early 1940s each sells for only $1.99.

In Blood There is No Honor the crime occurs in broad daylight. The reactions of the family and community are shown, with one seeking revenge — even into battle. The purchase site is available on the amazon HERE.

If I Could Only Sparkle has the victim’s first person telling of her recovery after four years shrouded in the darkness of her own withdrawn world.    The amazon purchase site is HERE.

SPARKLE Full purple

I want all my followers, readers and fans to know to periodically check this site’s sister page, HERE, for updates on my publications.  I don’t presently plan to add a new page on that site at any time, just keep the current page updated.  It is all about the books, after all.

And be aware that Nook will be non-existent after Christmas 2013, and a Kindle iCloud reader can be downloaded to your iMac for free.  Someone will have to let me know if there is a similar service for PCs.

Don’t forget to leave a review. It really is the life-blood of all artists.

A review

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Three New Kindles

Everyone is familiar with my children’s novel with the bubble mosaic photo on the cover, Tree & Sky, An Introduction to the Secrets of Meshyah’s World…right?    Sure you are.  That’s why I have now gone beyond putting BookCover4T&Sthe book on Kindle.  I have published each story in the book separately on Kindle, only $.99 each, and each with their cover photo in bubble mosaic.

There are two more stories in the making.  There will also be a second edition of the book with all five stories for the five-year journal Shy, Jazz and Ozzie are completing.  Each story tells a lot about their world ~ what it’s like to live under a great Megadome on Antarctica…in the future.

What?  Not curious?  How will you know if their journal gets sent back in time successfully?   You know, to warn every one of what’s coming and how it all turns out?  And how will you know what the future world is like when you read DOME (due out early 2014) ~ an adventure in discovery of the child-written journal in a basement used books store and where it all leads?  Like the reviews have said, it’s recommended for adults, also.  So think about it as you continue reading.

Since the trend these days is to get all the free stuff you can (especially for books), and a really low price is a tolerable second, I thought I’d offer, for the electronic age mind, short readings at the lowest price possible, and almost free.  For every book you buy, as the author, I earn a whopping ten cents for all the work I did to make it for you and your child’s enjoyment.  That’s because the object is for the stories to be read, not for me to get rich.  I gave up that dream a long time ago…when I started writing, in fact.

Miracle Belle Front BookCoverPreview.doAfter the success of Miracle Belle, A Horse with a Secret, being pulled from the anthology and put in the e-book format, I thought I’d try again.  In fact, I have other stories ready for Kindle, but only awaiting a few illustrations or proper cover.  And I plan to put everything on Kindle first while awaiting those myriad of things necessary to complete a book for publication.  Always good to have a plan.

The first story from Tree & Sky is The Tree on My House, and introduces the series, The Secrets of Meshyah’s World.  You will love the
Bk 1, #1 Front Kindlecharacters through this charming story of finding a plant growing on the rooftop patio of Shy’s home and watching it grow.  It  overtakes the side of the house and the walkway below.  It becomes  a special visitation site for many of the multicultural residents living under the dome, giving them hope.  You see, trees are now rare in their world and only those transplanted and grown under the dome are surviving.  That’s pretty special considering it’s Antarctica.  You will enjoy Shy’s relationship with her grandfather and the name the children give the tree.  Now, remember Kindle and $.99.  Sure, use the excuse its for your kids, but you will enjoy reading it, I promise.  There’s something about ten-year olds…ya know?

The Day the Sky Fell is the second story in the series, The Secrets of Meshyah’s World.  You will experience being under the dome when Bk 1, #2 Front BookCoverPreview.dosomething goes wrong and part of it collapses and crushes a house.  Homes under the dome are two-story and made of concrete (the new kind that’s not dangerous), so being crushed by a giant cable from the dome is really something.   You will also enjoy Shy’s eleventh birthday party.  That’s when she officially becomes Meshyah Bluebird Garcia.  It’s her Native American name, given to her by her grandfather, who shares lots of stories with her about life in the Before Times, including his tribe’s history.

You’ll learn more of their world under the protective dome in Antarctica as Sky and her friends. Jazz and Ozzie, tell aspects of life Under a Honeycomb Sky.  You will wish you could visit there.  In these trying times we are experiencing now, the children’s life there seems idyllic.  It does take a lot of work to support it, as they learn.  Remember, the threesome telling it are now Bk 1, #3 Front BookCoverPreview.dotwelve-year olds and have no memory of the world as we know it.

With the next two stories you will learn what happened in the world, in the Before Times, to make all the problems we’re experiencing today much worse in Code Name: Starburst.  The last story for the five-year journal, The Great Migration, details the move of the worlds’ surviving population to their assigned dome and the village under it where they’ll be housed.  Antarctica only has three Megadomes, but there are others around the world.

Once you’ve read these stories you will have more knowledge and a better understanding of our largest continent, Antarctica, and why the first  megadome will be built there.  Well, the first one after the one in the Black Hills (a hint of what’s to come in DOME).

The second edition novel, simply titled The Secrets of Meshyah’s World, will come out with all five stories once  completed.  Three more novellas will follow with adventures for Shy, Jazz and Ozzie as they grow up.  And all will be on Kindle.  I know you will enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy all the work creating them.  So, watch for DOME, the adult edition of finding the journal in the past, when it comes out early next year.  It has a couple of the main characters from my novel trilogy, Where the Horses Run ~ the ones who live or travel to the Black Hills in South Dakota (another hint; not a spoiler).

Happy reading while saving money!

P.S. I don’t have a Kindle either, but I do have Kindle iCloud on my iMac computer.  It downloaded from Amazon for FREE.  Check out the last of the related articles for more information.

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A New Publication on Kindle


Just published on Kindle this morning.  Available  on Amazon, only $.99!  It appears in my anthology, Twisted Vine, but I thought YA and older could find it and enjoy it more this way.  A small booklet is now available (as of 7/13/13), priced at $3.75, but Amazon now has it for $3.56 with free shipping.  It’s dedicated to all horse lovers and is a spin-off of my trilogy, Where the Horses Run, following long after that story is over.  If you’ve read Book I, Mass Extinction, you will understand this one a little better.  Book II, Sacred Hills will be release later this summer.  If you want to see both books click here.

The Look Inside feature isn’t there for the book yet, but it is for the Kindle edition.  The synopsis is available on Amazon, as usual.

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