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New Campaign

DON’T BUY ANY OF MY BOOKS!  Not the novellas, the novels, the children’s books, or the e-book only books.  Why?  Because they must be really, really bad.  How do I know?  The trolls…ah… certain librarians and reviewers on Goodreads say so.

Disregard all the great reviews that have been written in very professional style by those I don’t know, but who have become fans, in praise of the books.  These folks have an agenda.  And it ain’t pretty.

New PfL FrontBookCoverPreview.doThey are maligning A Price for Love/Ariel’s Cottage especially, which has happened before causing me to leave the GRs site.  But they have made a promise, in writing, that there will be a lot of 1-star and no-star reviews.  “Don’t say you haven’t been warned.”  Well, it’s happening.  If they want to hurt you there are no holes barred and no management on any site can help you.  This group, who stick together like snot on tissue, obviously meant it for more than the one book .  The ratings on all my books on Goodreads have now decreased significantly.  Without even checking I can confidently say there are a lot of new 1-star reviews without comments posted.  Well, that’s Goodreads.  It does have this reputation against authors, especially Indie authors.  Too bad the general public doesn’t understand.

I just read a man’s very nice statement to one of their comments in the Goodreads Author Feedback Group discussion Writer’s Circle>REVIEWS.  He said when exchanging reads for a review he opted not to do a review because the book was so bad.  The author was agreeable and welcomed his feedback.  That is a very polite and normal human way to do things.  The responses he got were encouraging him to give bad reviews or the poor public will be duped into buying bad books.  Notwithstanding the fact that authors, especially Indie authors, struggle to sell even one book, this is their ploy to expand their negative behavior.  I hope he doesn’t succumb.

So, what’s a troll?  According the this article, Internet Trolls are Horrible People, they are not only not-nice people, but really dangerous.  To quote: “…the behaviors are intrinsically motivating for sadists…”  Read it for yourself: 

This is an article that addresses the research findings of those who thrill at trolling.  I’m sure there are other articles you can look up.  In fact, try this one –  However, if you want a real picture of their damage check out the site where victims of their abuse report:  You are welcome to report to them on my behalf, if you so choose.  They are very good with confidentiality.

Sadism is the tendency to derive pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain, suffering, or humiliation on others.  In general use, it’s deliberate cruelty.  Having worked in the psychological field, having a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, I am well acquainted with the other terms used in the article – narcissistic, Machiavellian and psychopathic.  Each category includes very dangerous people.  To help you understand here are the definitions.

Narcissism is the excessive or erotic interest in oneself and one’s physical appearance.  Psychologists define it as a personality type, a disorder if enough diagnostic traits are revealed.  Its  characterized by a grandiose view of one’s own talents and a craving for admiration.  Also, be aware, this personality disorder is grouped with antisocial and borderline disorders as the most dangerous.  Psychoanalyists have found the individual’s self-centeredness arising from a failure to distinguish the self from external objects, as in very young babies or as a feature of a mental disorder.

Machiavellian, name after Niccolò Machiavelli, refers to a person who is cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous, especially in politics or in advancing one’s career.  I would clarify it as advancing one’s agenda.

Everyone uses the term psychopath at some point in reference to behavior, but few really understand the implications.  Basically, it’s an unstable and aggressive person, but in mental health evaluations the disorder is shown to be chronic, that is, ongoing with abnormal and violent social behavior.

Well, this is more than I planned to say.  I haven’t referred to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual because it really is for professionals only…and maybe professional writers.  It may even be on line if you’re researching for a deviant character or psychological thriller.  Now, back to the topic.

There is no defense against derogatory.  Most of us who have encountered such low life individuals already know this.  However, since  it’s part of their tactics to put you off, hoping avoidance will save you from more abuse, it’s time to act when the abuse doesn’t end.  AndI could use a little  help.  I’m experiencing one of James Kirk’s no-win scenerios.  I, too, am trying not to believe in it.

Like I said in the beginning…don’t buy my books.  Of course, if you are curious enough to want to see for yourself, then by all means, go ahead.  Add an honest review if you like, showing you have actually read the book and can make comments about elements within.  I can tell the difference.  Can’t you?  What I am meaning by the statement, don’t buy, is that purchase isn’t necessary if you want to help.  It’s a very simple gesture I request…in fact, I beg for.

Amazon says that comments can be made about negative reviews.  Fine, that’s an option, but it’s predictable that they will come back with something you’ll have to answer to and you’ll get drawn in.  If a comment for a positive review seems appropriate to you, and you’re brave, give it a try.  If a comment against it follows, I’d advise you to  remain unresponsive, or report it to Amazon.  I know, steam will come out of your ears, but when in a cage of hungry carnivorous creatures, you must be careful.

The biggest help, according to Amazon, (yes, I have communicated to them about this) is to vote Yes on the positive reviews and No on the negative reviews.  Don’t vote more than once because it won’t count anyway.  And it’s considered ballot stuffing.  If you do this the one million drop in this one book’s ranking, A Price for Love (Kindle; Ariel’s Cottage is the book) might return closer to what it was.

Be aware of the number of votes when you check.  In one day the negative review got 8 Yes votes, so they are ahead of the No votes.  In almost two years none of the other reviews have gotten more than 6, and most only 4.  And No votes were obviously added to the positive reviews.

I have a few from another of my sites who added the 5 No votes yesterday, which makes it a total of 13 in one day.  We should all be so lucky to have this everyday…in a more positive way, of course.

If you’re not into doing this sort of thing for anyone, but want to offer encouragement I will approve your comment.  The troll comments, of course, will not be approved.  And I have no doubt this will appear on GRs for them to fan the flames because it posts on my Facebook page.

I’m back to seeing trolls everywhere.  It’s a victim response, but I’ve backed off to think about this.  I have cut-throat abilities with words, but choose not to use them outside of fiction, and rarely there.  However, in light of this, I am seriously considering the characters for another book.  This one I may send to a publisher, one that likes hot topics and controversial situations.  Or, hot situations and controversial topics.  Anyway…  Several titles come to mind – Troll Heaven, The Day of the Trolls, Walk like a Troll, Sing the Troll Song, Being Troll…it could be fun.  And all the characters have such cute names…BubblesintheBath, TinManHardStanding, BacadabusBob, Sexy24-7.  I made these up and hope no real person uses them, but you get the picture.

Thank you for understanding my need for this posting, and I hope there is some help out there.  I don’t want it to turn out like promised reviews that never appear.  Good people need to stick together and support among Indie authors is usually strong.  So, thank you for all your support in advance.  I think I need some ice cream now, chocolate, of course.

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Follow Fest 2013: Books by Judith

I’m taking part in a blog follow fest this week, which was created by a fellow author Melissa Maygrove. She’s created  this networking opportunity for authors. Check out her blog to read about her and her books!

I followed my friend, Megan Cashman, from her Follow Fest blog.  She loves vampires!  Check out her blog postings.

And here’s my Follow Fest post…

Blog button designed by Carrie Butler

Purpose: A platform building opportunity for authors and connect with others.

When: September 23rd thru 27th.

Name:  Judith Victoria Douglas

Fiction or nonfiction?  Fiction
What genres do you write? Several: Romantic suspense, historical, Contemporary social Sci-fi, Fantasy, and children’s books, both for preschool and young reader and middle grades.
Are you published?  Yes, I have self-published without creating a publisher name for myself, but there is a logo within each book.
Do you do anything in addition to writing?  Only the editing, copyediting, illustrations, cover art and photography and all things related to publishing.  I have recently become more active in the marketing aspects, which means I’m spreading out further.
Where can people connect with you?
Professional email:
It’s All About the Books! – (Latest post – Freebies for the Weekend)
Writing and Items of Interest, some announcements –
Reblogged Items about writing or other items of interest, sometimes announcements:
Author pages:
    B&N – they haven’t posted all of my books yet
Is there anything else you’d like us to know?
Yes, my latest children’s book, The Carousel Pony, will be available late October.  I am presently working on my next novel, One Unicorn Wish, a fantasy for the inner child in everyone, so it can be read to your kids.  And I am actively looking for readers to add reviews and reviewers who have established a policy, and both will take a PDF.  I haven’t figured out the mobi. conversion yet.  And I don’t have a clue what a beta is.
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Good Advice for Writers on Goodreads

Goodreads Avatar


Here again I’m reblogging something of interest to writers and readers alike.  Any writer who is part of Goodreads would do well to consider the articles at this site.  I have posted them on my other blog again, as that is my reblog site.  Let me know if you have your own experiences to add.

Alachia GoodReads

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The Latest Review on TREE & SKY: The Secrets of Meshyah’s World

This is another very good review on my children’s book.

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What’s In a Name?

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...

If you ever what to know if people can find you on the internet just do a google search.  I do that periodically just to see how far I’ve spread.  I get Google Alerts, but so far they have all referred to my sites.  It’s easy to find me if you type in my full name.  There are about eight pages…so far.  Some listings are duplications, or a different one for each page of a site, like my main website.

I have at least one book in an Australian and Canadian e-bookstore, and a couple in the UK.  Don’t see any in non-English speaking countries yet.

Image representing Tumblr as depicted in Crunc...

I have a couple of books on ebay now.  One says used, but I have no record of extreme sales, so it must be a friend or family member.  They’re pretty much all across the country, but no one admitted to being the person when asked.

I’ve tried to get my author name posted on all the social media sites, but I’ve found more.  Everyone wants to be as successful as FB, Twitter and Google.  The rush is to beat the regulations regarding privacy.  There ain’t much there, privacy that is.  LinkedIn is doing okay because it’s resume‘ and job search oriented.  Wished I’d known that when I was seriously job hunting.  But then, again, I may not have published.  It takes a lot of time and work, mostly sitting all day, sorta like a congressman when in session, working on media sites nobody wants to go to.  I’m beginning to think I’m writing books nobody wants to read.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...

I’ve had problems with Facebook, so my old author page shows up, but it has incorrect info and is inactive.  They kept putting my personal stuff on my author page and my author stuff on my personal page without asking permission or giving me the option.  I gave up and changed my personal site to my author page, keeping all my contacts, but getting new ones is now a problem.  I’m no longer listed as Judith Victoria Douglas Author except on my Timeline page, but jvd, as I am here and my Tumblr blog.

Keeping sites I have straight is difficult enough if they have a “name” like Goodreads or Facebook, but when it’s one of my name sites it’s worse.  I won’t even begin with the password mania.  I keep an address book, but it’s not just for mailing address anymore.

Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...

I have two websites with the same name — judithvictoriadouglas.  I can only keep them straight because one is dot net and the other dot com.

Now I have two blogs (three if you count the one on Goodreads), but the names had to be different from the websites so jvdbooks and booksbyjudithvictoriadouglas (I shortened  it on this title page).  The first is Tumblr — a site for quick reviews without long writings unless it’s reblogged from something I think is important and then not too long — and WordPress,this site, where I write down my thoughts. I recently added NetworkedBlogs to this one to see if it will spread wider and further.

So, what’s in a name?

English: The logo of the blogging software Wor...

No one can find me on Facebook.  And few have found my blogs.  If anyone wants to do a Google search and look over all eight pages they will find them, but on the last pages.  I don’t know anyone who wants to find me that badly.

Since these notes come up in the Google search I’m hoping it will help spread the word.

Judith Victoria Douglas, judithvictoriadouglas, jvd, jvdbooks and booksbyjudithvictoriadouglas, or booksbyjudith are all the same person.  One of these names, or some portion thereof, should find me on every site I’m registered. I’m still looking into new sites, so be patient if you haven’t found me on your favorite site.  In fact, let me know of it in case I haven’t found it yet.

You can email me at if you’re still at a lost, desperate to find me, or just want to be added to my mailing list.  I send out a notice when a book is published, or a new site is available, but I don’t feel it’s getting the response I need and deserve.  Besides word-of-mouth, email is supposed to be the best.  You wouldn’t know it by my responses.  I send to at least 45-50 people, friends and family mostly, some acquaintances.  I might get one or two replies they saw the site and liked it, but only one or two might  follow.  The one person who said I needed a blog based on the long emails I used to send hasn’t followed, so a long email for her, I guess.

That’s what’s in a name…my author name, that is, for what it’s worth.

Hope to have more visitors, so tell your friends.  Check out my other sites.  I don’t talk (write) much there.  Join Goodreads to find a good book to read and my blog there, though it won’t get much attention since I have this one. I can send these blog posts there, you see, eliminating writing twice.

And make a comment.  Say ‘hello’ so I know you’re there.  Register to follow so you’ll get an email notice when a new posting is made.  They won’t all be like this one, which you already know if you’ve read all the ones posted before this one.

To Read

If you’re an author of a comment your supposed to show up in that block, but it hasn’t work yet.  And a picture, please.  Don’t be shy.  I don’t mind looking at your dog or cat or bicycle or potted plant, but that squiggly thing is just irritating to look at.      You have gone so public already just being on the internet that a cute picture won’t expose you.  If you find the 666 on your forehead, on your credit card or anywhere identifiable, let us all know.  This branding is what’s going on here, so each of us can be found…not so we can find each other.  Otherwise, it would work better for the later and most desired purpose.

So, see ya soon, and hope to hear more from you.


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